The Elephant Pants Bag!

I’m super excited to show you all this company my sister introduced me to! It’s called The Elephant Pants. They sell the coolest pants and other accessories. But aside from selling unique products, everything that is bought goes to helping an elephant. Here is a quote directly from their website‘s Mission page: “As a corporate sponsor of the African Wildlife Foundation, The Elephant Pants donates a portion of every sale to help prevent elephant poaching.” I absolutely love the idea of this, so I had to buy something! I decided to get this beautiful black and white bag. Check it out below:



I have used this bag for so many different things including going to class and taking trips to the beach. It’s quite a thin material, but it can hold so much you’d be surprised! It hangs down from your shoulder quite low, but that’s what I love about it. The length gives that nice relaxed, beachy vibe.


This bag has the most beautiful images of elephants on it. I love that bohemian look it gives with those pictures plus the lovely decoration that goes up the sides and even on the bottom. They have SO MANY different colored bags exactly like this one. I got the black and white because I assumed it would match with almost everything in my wardrobe, but I hope I can get a more colorful one eventually.

Their mission is so fantastic, so definitely go check out their website and look around at all the products they offer! I have the link to it in the first paragraph of this post! Thanks! 🙂

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