Life Update!

Hey everyone! So I’ve really enjoyed being more consistent with my posts, so I wanted to make sure I got one up tonight. To be perfectly honest though, it gets a little difficult to be at college in a dorm room and get decent pictures of an outfit or product. I want every post I let out to have good quality pictures that are intriguing and beautiful. Photographs are meant to capture amazing outfits and products, so that’s always my goal. However, like I said, being in a dorm room gets pretty difficult. Multiple people are living in one room and it does get disorganized sometimes, which is totally understandable and expected from everyone in college. This is sometimes why my blog goes through stages of dips or stages of excess postings. When I go home, I have so many different places to take pictures: inside with many rooms, or even outside with an amazing background. At school though, things are tight and room is limited. So I apologize for the inconsistency but I really want to let out content I think is up to par with my own standards.

Anyways, this post wasn’t supposed to be about that, I got on a bit of a rant. I just wanted to post a little life update since I will soon be hitting another milestone in my life, another couple milestones actually! I will be turning 20 years old in exactly ten days. This actually kind of scares me. My 20’s will bring so many new opportunities and my life will change in so many ways. This is so exciting but also stressful. In this new generation, I will graduate from college and receive my B.A. in Graphic Design, I will live in my own place, I will get married, I may have a kid, the list goes on and on. These future plans seem like real “adulting” and that scares the *insert happy poop emoji here* out of me. I know it should be an exciting time in my life, but is it weird that I don’t feel 100% ready to take on all of that responsibility? This blog isn’t mean to be a diary, but I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way, so let me know in the comments what you think.

Next on my milestone list is not so far in the future! Today I attended my advising chapel (which is basically a meeting of your entire major department) to discuss the next semester. I love my major, so attending these meetings is very informational and I usually don’t mind having to go. But today during the meeting, when all of our academic counselors were talking about classes for next year, it hit me really hard that I am halfway done with college. I will be a junior next year. And the year after that I will be a senior! These are obvious things, but they carry so much meaning. When I was a freshman, the juniors and seniors seemed like real adults. People who had so much college experience and were ready to be out in the world! It’s weird to think I’m going to be one of them soon. It’s so exciting but it’s crazy to think how fast these two years have gone. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried. I’ve gone through so much happiness and had some heartbreak. But I suppose that’s all a part of the experience, right? I’m interested to see what my final two years will have in store for me.

So there’s my little life update for now, feel free to comment whatever you’d like below, whether you’re a college student now, a high school student, or if you graduated 20 years ago! I’d love to hear your thoughts! *Also, I will be going home for Easter break soon, so look forward to more outfit posts!*

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