My Wishlist: Princess Polly

Hi loves! So I’ve been noticing you guys are looking at my old Wishlist posts pretty often lately! I totally forgot about that little “series” I used to post. I really love introducing you guys to online sites that have amazing clothes so I thought I’d continue that today. If you are unfamiliar with “My Wishlist” posts, I basically go through online clothing sites and pick out stuff that I would love to buy some day. I don’t own these pieces, they’re just items that have caught my eye. So, I’ve recently come across a website called Princess Polly through Facebook. They have such amazing clothes, but unfortunately it’s more on the pricey side. I’ve picked out five pieces that I think are particularly adorable and things that I would wear myself. *None of these photos are mine, they are all taken off from the website.* So without further ado, here’s some springtime/summer outfits from Princess Polly:


This first piece caught my eye instantly. I love fully white pieces, especially for the spring/summer seasons (by the way, happy spring!) I love the patterns along the sleeve and the bottom of the dress, it gives such a feminine vibe. The dress as a whole looks very flowy, the sleeves especially. I love how the cut goes straight all the way across the chest and to the shoulders. It’s such a slouchy, effortless look that’s perfect for the warmer weather. I can totally see someone walking around downtown in my little beach city in this dress ($49.87).

floral set.jpg

Next is a beautiful floral set. I’m not sure if I could ever pull this off, but I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. With the flowers and plants against the white background, its the most perfect warm weather outfit. I also love how they paired it with a brown belt. I think it looks like bamboo, which matches the leaf prints. The ties at the front of the top are such a nice detail and very trendy at the moment. This top also has a frilled fabric at the bottom, adding to the daintiness of it. Overall, it’s a very tropical look that is light and looks like it would keep you cool ($66.49).


These next couple outfits I found on their new arrivals page. I just loved these graphic tees that say “‘Neath the Arizona Skies”. They had a cool 70’s vibe that is so cool and they were paired with some unique skirts. I mainly am including these because I love how they were styled. I love the brown skirt and it’s cut with the sleeveless graphic tee. The bag they paired it with also gives that desert vibe that matches the top. Overall, such a great look, so good job Princess Polly stylists! On the right is a similar outfit, but much brighter. It is the same graphic on the shirt, but there are bright yellow sleeves and neckline. This is great for spring and summer with how bright the yellow is contrasted with the electric blue skirt. Again, I’m loving the styling of this outfit just like the first one. Definitely going to be taking some inspiration from these outfits! First shirt: $91.43. Second shirt: $99.74.


This last piece I thought was absolutely gorgeous! I saw the first photo and I thought yep, I would definitely buy that. The baby blue color is just so beautiful and the detailing down the center and around the waist is so cute. I then saw the back and sides of it and I was astounded. The craftsmanship on this romper is so amazing and detailed. Details mean a lot to me in any piece and this 100% is one of the best rompers I have ever seen. The front is flowy and beautiful and the back is equally as gorgeous, if not more so. I can’t explain how amazing I think this piece is and I hope I can purchase it later on ($49.87). I also really love the beige hat they paired with it. It gives such a casual look to it. Great job on this one Princess Polly, I’m loving it!

So those are all the looks I picked out from this site. If you guys would like to see more of it, please let me know and I’d love to pick out more pieces! I definitely had fun exploring the site. <3


  1. March 22, 2016 / 11:13 am

    ohmygosh, all of these are gorgeous! they really remind me of the type of style mika francis has (wilddaze, i think her youtube has)…love it!xx

    • March 22, 2016 / 11:14 am

      I know I want them all!😩 and thanks so much for the recommendation! I love finding new youtubers, I’ll definitely check her out! x

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