DIY Flower Crown!

Happy Spring everyone! In celebration of the new season and Easter, I decided to try out another DIY. I’m not usually a person to do a lot of DIY projects, but once in a while, I like to try one out. Flower crowns are a very common DIY to do, but I thought it would be a great little accessory to my OOTD posts and a great springtime accent. It turned out even better than I expected so here’s the steps I took to complete it.*This idea was taken from simply_kenna and recreated to give it my own look.*

So lets talk about the things you will need to get started. The items you will need to buy from a craft store are: twine (the tough kind, not the rope kind), faux flowers, and faux leaves. You will also need a hot glue gun and scissors. I chose 6 different types of flowers to include in my flower crown. There are small pink flowers, large blue daisies, small yellow flowers, small blue daisies, small purple flower/plants, and small white daisies. I chose these pastels colors because I knew they would work well together and were perfect for the season. It’s also important to buy small and large flowers to add contrast.




The first step I took was to cut a long piece of twine and measure it around my head. I measured it so that it could wrap around my head twice. I wrapped each end around the wire to secure it in place. This made the base of the crown much more sturdy and wearable.


The next step is to take the leaves and cut a few segments of them. Line them alone the twine so that when you hot glue them on, it will cover the whole circumference. The leaves will act as our base plant.


The last step is simple. Begin to place your flowers on the crown in whatever arrangement you’d like. This is the most tedious part of the whole project. I cut each flower from the long stem it came on so there was only a small piece of stem to glue on to the twine. It definitely wasn’t too hard to accomplish, but it did take some patience.

I started by placing the flowers in sections. I placed one and decided which color would look best with it. I continued this way throughout the whole crown and eventually it all connected together. Once I had it all covered with beautiful flowers, I went around and found some of the bare sections and placed small flowers where details were needed. Details are very important for this project, so take your time.





After all those sections were completed, I finally finished the crown! This is the finished product and I’m super happy with how it turned out. It was so much easier than I expected and the process was actually pretty fun! I’m planning on using this for an OOTD soon, so look forward to that! I think it’d be fun to make these with different shades of one color. For example an all purple or blue crown with dark and light shades. If you guys decide to recreate this look, I’d love to see it! Comment down below what you think! <3



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