Pescetarianism: Month 2!

Hey everyone! I’m SO sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a post. I’m in my last month of school and the work just seems to be piling on. My friends and I have been feeling pretty overloaded, but I’ve missed blogging so much! Look forward to some more posts this weekend, I have a lot planned! As you all know, I recently went pescatarian. You can check out my first post about it here, where I explain more in depth why I made the switch. **Also, please enjoy the image of the bunnies; they are some adorable little vegetarians!**

It has now been two months since I decided to change to this “diet”. I hesitate calling it a diet since it honestly hasn’t been that difficult for me and it definitely is not any sort of deprivation. I enjoy making healthier food choices than I would while eating meat and I personally have seen small changes to my body. I found that when including meat in my diet, I got too full pretty fast and I ended up feeling gross afterwards. Now though, I find that I can actually eat more! I think now I eat smaller proportions more often of meaningful foods. For example, I make sure to eat lots of rice and beans to get a good amount of protein in my diet. A bowl of this with some fruit or salad makes for a good meal. However, I will probably be hungry soon after this. But that’s okay! Eating healthy and doing it often in a day is great! I always try to reach for the healthiest option that is in my cafeteria, even though it’s hard at times. Of course, I have my moments where I need some sweets since I have THE WORST sweet tooth. I think if you’re really craving something, and you usually eat healthy overall, it’s okay to be lenient with yourself once in a while.

As I mentioned in my last post about pescetarianism, I have also been researching veganism. While I don’t think I will be becoming vegan anytime soon, I hope in the future I can try it out! A YouTuber I have been watching more and more lately is Freelee the Banana Girl. There is always a lot of controversy surrounding her channel. She can be a bit harsh sometimes, and if you’ve ever watched her, you’ll understand that statement. If you’re curious about her, definitely look her up and let me know what you think! Personally, I would agree that she has a strong personality, but I also believe she is extremely informative! Learning facts about veganism has really intrigued me and I love hearing what advice she has to give. She also stresses how helpful this is to animals. You know, not eating them and stuff haha. All jokes aside, Freelee will insert clips of how the meat industry treats its animals and how much they suffer and are tortured. I had not seen these types of images in a while, and it reminded me just how inhumane the whole system is and how much I want to help. There are many different opinions about this, but that is my own on the matter. If you’re interested in this topic, I totally recommend researching different articles, videos, and movies to help yourself get informed.

Overall, I’m still loving being a pescatarian! Rarely I will get cravings for chicken, for example, but I remind myself of the positive changes that have come with being a pescatarian and how I have not caused harm to those animals. That’s a pretty good feeling! I have also been going to the gym and working out very often and that’s has made me feel amazing as well. I have been going at least 3-4 times a week and really feeling accomplished afterwards! Hope this was informative or helpful to at least one of you and that you had a wonderful day!! <3


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