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Hi guys! As I promised, here is a new post with a new outfit! I bought a few sundresses for my birthday (my birthday was on March 28th, but I didn’t have time to take photos of them until now!) This one in particular is one of my favorites, so let’s get into the photos! Disclaimer: I’m sorry a couple of these photos are a bit blurry, I’m still learning the best way to use my camera’s settings.






This dress is absolutely stunning and extremely comfortable! The print has a tribal vibe and is very intricate. It has thin straps and the most gorgeous cut at the bottom. I think the cut is what makes it so flowy and airy. The neckline is cut pretty low, so I paired it with a dark gray bralette from Urban Outfitters. It also gives such a nice detail to the dress. I think it is so flattering and girly. I also paired it with a black sunhat since I will probably be wearing this outfit when it is sunny (even though it was gray outside when I took these photos).


Here are some detail photos of the jewelry and hat I accessorized the dress with. The long necklace I got at Nordstrom and I’m obsessed with the time silver detailing and black jewels in it! It went perfectly with this outfit. I also wore this bracelet that has similar silver detailing and a turquoise diamond shape in the middle. This sunhat is also super cute with the simple bow at the side. Perfect for those ultra sunny days!





For these last photos, I threw on a burgundy cardigan. I love this color with the creme and black of the dress. You never know when it will get a little chilly down by the beach! I love how this cardigan has a cut on each side and is very long. Loving it with the unique cut of the dress! If you haven’t noticed, I am not wearing any shoes. Black ankle boots would look very nice with this outfit, if you decide to wear something like this out on the town. For me though, I will probably be wearing this around the beach so I won’t need any shoes haha.

Anyways, I hope you guys love this look! As always, comment down below with any questions of comments! Hope you guys are enjoying the rainy weather! 🙂

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