Midsummer Night’s Dream OOTD

Another OOTD yay! I had a lot of fun with this one since I finally got to feature my flower crown I made during Easter. You can see the post where I showed how to make it here! This dress is great for the spring and summertime and I’m really looking forward to wearing it more (whenever the weather decides to stop being bipolar). It was a great beach coverup as well! Here’s the photos, I promise all of them are in focus this time haha!

Also, I curled my hair with a Nume curling iron. I usually use a large barrel to get loose, beachy waves. However, this time I used the smallest barrel to get tight curls and get a bit of a fairy vibe haha. Hope you guys enjoy!



I’m a little obsessed with this dress right now, hence all of the photos to come. I just really wanted to show how flowy and beautiful it is. It’s so flattering and I hope these photos do it justice. The straps are thin and the cut at the bottom is just perfect. It moves with your body in such a great way and is so comfy! Not to mention, the pattern is just so cool and in the perfect shade of dark blue. The back is just as cute too!


I wore my lacy black bralette with this dress to match my black suede shoes. I got this bralette from Urban Outfitters and I love how it can be worn with almost any outfit! It looks great with the open back of the dress, which ties across in a little string bow.


This is me overly excited that my second year of college is almost over!!


Here is a nice close up of the flower crown. It was so much fun to put together and arranging all of the spring inspired colors!





Just in case it gets a little chilly, I paired the dress with this creme cardigan. It’s one of favorites since it’s so oversized and comfortable. I’m pretty sure I bought this from Nordstrom years ago. It still goes great with so many outfits and a staple for any wardrobe!


Hope you guys like this outfit, I’m really loving it and hope the weather warms up soon so I can wear it! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Thanks everyone! ❤


4 thoughts on “Midsummer Night’s Dream OOTD

  1. I love the curls! I wonder if a small hot iron would work on me? I am always afraid it would fry my hair. I also love the pic of just your eyes. Great makeup job!


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