How I Style a Thrifted Skirt!

Hey everyone! I recently went thrift shopping for the first time and picked up something pretty cute. I’ve always been pretty skeptical about thrift shopping, but after going, I have a better outlook towards it. You can find some pretty amazing pieces for shockingly cheap! I bought this skirt at the Buffalo Exchange in San Diego. I’m not sure where their other location are, or if there even are any other locations haha. I have three looks shown below, from slightly formal to comfy casual! Hope you enjoy!





For this option, I wore a super baggy collared shirt with this suede skirt. The skirt has a scallop cut at the bottom and I bought it for $10. I’ve been looking for a skirt similar to this for so long, so this was such a steal! The top is cut at the sides so I took that opportunity to tie it up in a knock on the side. This gives such a messy yet put together vibe. I also rolled up the sleeves, but you could totally roll them down and it would be just as cute. I accessorized this outfit with my black suede string necklace, which I made myself. I simply wrapped it around a couple times and tied it in a bow. I think this adds a super cute girly look to the whole outfit. I also wore my black suede boots to match this necklace. Lastly, I am wearing this gorgeous jewel ring from Melrose in the O.C.



This second option is a more casual one compared to the first. I threw on a flowy gray sweater (from H&M) with the skirt. This sweater is pretty thin, so I wear it as a shirt. It is also cut along the sides and the front is longer than the back. I am wearing Adidas Originals with this outfit to make it more casual and I think they work so well with it! (I can’t tell you how long it took me to find these freaking shoes!) I accessorized with my bohemian necklace from Nordstrom and the same jewel ring.



The third option is the most casual out of the three. I am wearing a comfy t-shirt from the brand Obey. I really love their clothing and this is one of my favorite t-shirts. I love the little Exacto knives that are crossed together on the graphic. It reminds me of my art and graphic design classes at school haha. It’s such an artsy piece and I thought the gray color of it worked well with the skirt. Again, I am wearing my amazing Adidas and my mirrored sunglasses which are from Nordstrom!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I style this thrifted skirt. Check out Buffalo Exchange for great deals and amazing style! <3

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