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Hello everyone! I’m glad you all have been enjoying my OOTD’s, I’ve been having a lot of fun putting them together! It’s the perfect season for sundresses, which is why I’ve been posting so many haha. I have another amazing dress for you guys that is a gorgeous blue color and to me, looks just like the ocean! Hence, the title for it. You know the drill, so here’s the photos! 🙂




This dress is a tie-dye print, with dark and light blues. The bottom of the dress is cut so that there are longer and shorter pieces. I have a dress that has a similar effect which I wrote about in my Tribal Print OOTD. I think this was a really great move on the designer’s part because combined with the print, the cut makes the dress looks like water moving. I’m obsessed with this effect! The back has a very simple cut with skinny straps. The simple top balances out the busyness at the bottom.



I accessorized this dress with an auburn bralette (I love the opposing colors of orange and blue together). I also threw on a couple silver knuckle rings. I thought they went well with my sun necklace (also, thanks to my sister for letting me steal some rings). I love this simple necklace from Etsy; it goes with so many dresses and outfits! I also brought out the flower crown again since it went with the blue of the dress so well. I’m thinking about making a couple others with different shades of the same color! You can check out how I made this one in my DIY Flower Crown post.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Write me below with any questions or comments! Thanks<3

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