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Hi loves! I recently got a couple of books from authors Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari.  If you are familiar with the Laguna Beach reality show or The Hills, you know quite a bit about these two ladies. I absolutely loved these two shows since the cast grew up where I did, even though some of it was scripted. I loved seeing shots of the surrounding area and thinking, hey! I know just where that is and it’s beautiful! Anyways, even though those shows have ended, I still loved Lauren Conrad especially. She’s been so successful in all the right ways and I really respect her. I have most of her books including L.A. Candy, Beauty, and Style. I can’t say I’ve kept up with Kristin Cavallari as much, but I’m actually quite impressed with her book! In high school, these two weren’t exactly friends, but I’m happy to see both of them are still successful and hopefully they cleared up some beef!

Let’s start off with Lauren’s book entitled Celebrate. This book was very cohesive with her other two fashion and lifestyle books she let out. They all flow together very nicely style wise. The photography is always gorgeous and from a graphic design perspective, very well organized and thoughtful. I really appreciate all the small details that went into this book and not to mention, she has A TON of information in it! She shows you how to organize for events such as a bridal shower, a dinner party, a housewarming, and even a wedding! Any person who aspires to be an event planner should definitely pick up this book! Here’s a few pages that I found especially beautiful from her book:







Next is Kristin’s book entitled Balancing in Heels. In it she covers topics from being a mother of three, to food recipes, and even working out! She give some great tips about a ton of different things and I must say her photography is also gorgeous. From a design standpoint, I do enjoy Lauren’s book a little more because it matches my aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean Kristin’s is any less beautiful! I love how she covers a broad spectrum of topics and gives her advice! Here’s some photos of a few pages I loved:







Definitely go check out both these books by these amazing authors! It’s definitely worth the buy and they’re some great coffee table books as well. Hope you enjoyed and happy reading! <3

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