Almost Summer Vibes + Boston Trip!

Hi loves! I am so incredibly sorry I haven’t posted in a while! My life has been seriously hectic lately between my last days of classes, finals, and trying to spend time with my boyfriend who’s home from Boston. I’ve been so sad that I haven’t had time to post anything, but I have good news! This Saturday, after my finals are finished and my sophomore year is officially over, I will be traveling with my bf to Boston! This will be my second time heading over there, and I am SO EXCITED! Every time I travel, I get addicted to it more and more. Boston has become one of my favorite cities and I’m so happy I have someone to show me around and take me to the most interesting places.

Some places we plan to go to are: the Museum of Fine Art (MFA), roof gardens, a Red Sox game at Fenway, and simply exploring the city! I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on Instagram as well of all the things we’ll be up to. The last time I visited Boston we didn’t stay directly in the city and it was during the fall season. This time however, I will be staying right in the city and summer is coming! So I’m hoping the weather will be beautiful everyday! I’m a nervous flyer however, so wish me luck as I take this rather long journey on a plane.

As of now though, I am finishing up my last papers and studying for finals week. Those of you who are in college or have been through college know the stresses and struggles of finals week. I can’t wait to get this week over with, go on my trip, and come back to my beautiful, summery California! I am so stoked for this summer and I’ll be sure to fill it with blog posts! I can’t wait to make up for this lost time and my absence on this blog. Again, I’m so sorry for my posting scarcity, but I hope you understand! Also, if any of you live on the east coast or even specifically in Boston, please comment and let me know the best places to visit, I need more ideas! Talk to you guys soon! <3

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