My First Few Days in Boston!

Hey guys! So I have successfully travelled to Boston with my boyfriend and we have been here for four days. We’ve done so many fun things and I wanted to make a post to share some of the photos I’ve taken along the way. He took me to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, where we got some bomb (gluten free) clam chowder and chocolate mousse, to Boston Harbor, to my favorite little cemetery, a drop dead gorgeous old church, Boston Commons, the Museum of Fine Arts, and one of my favorite places, Primark! Between all of this we have been strolling through the city taking in the sites he sees everyday. As I mentioned, I’ve been getting some amazing photography and I wanted to share that here on my blog. Photography is becoming a continually more interesting and fun thing for me, so it’s been great to get some unique shots here in Boston.

It’s such a beautiful city and I can’t wait to share more about the trip once I’m back in California. But until then, please enjoy some of my photography and feel free to leave comments or recommendations for where we should go next! Today’s plan is to go to a Red Sox game at Fenway! Also, I have been posting a lot of photos on my Instagram and A TON on my Tumblr under the photography tab, so check those out for more beautiful photos of the city!

*All of these photographs were taken with a Nikon D5500*

VSCO Cam-1-9.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-4.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-11.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-6.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-13.jpg


VSCO Cam-1-7.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-14.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-5.jpg

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-10.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-8.jpg








Hope you enjoyed, thanks guys! ❤


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