Palm Tree Set OOTD

Hi everyone! Summer is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited! I thought it was time for another OOTD with my favorite clothing set. I don’t own any rompers, and I’ve been looking for a set for a while. I finally found this one at a boutique in my city and I was so happy! So, let’s jump right in:


This set came with a top and shorts (that’s usually what sets come with if you aren’t familiar with them, lol). The blouse is cinched at the waist and has a deep cut V for the neckline. Since it cuts so low, I wore a pink bralette from PacSun underneath.



The back of this set is very simple since the pattern is a bit hectic. I love how the designer kept it simple and it allowed for my bralette to show through the back.


I thought the blush pink color from the bralette matched well with the blue from the palms. This long bohemian necklace went very well with the beachy vibe too!


The shorts have a draw string around the waist and are SO comfortable! The little frills at the bottom edges give the outfit a girly touch. I personally think these shorts are what make the set so special!


I can’t explain to you guys how obsessed I am with these shoes! They lace all the way up your foot and tie in a bow at the top. They are so edgy and I love what they bring to this outfit. The slight heel is gorgeous and they don’t make the shoes uncomfortable. I bought these at Primark in Boston and they were so cheap! They were under $20, so maybe check out Primark’s website if you want to snag them.


I hope you guys enjoyed this OOTD! I’m in love with this outfit right now and it will definitely be nice when the weather starts to warm up. Although it was a bit pricey, it was totally worth it. I love the summery and festival vibes that it gives. Sets are very popular right now, so you can probably find something similar to this one at PacSun or a store like that. Comment down below what you think! Hope you guys are having a lovely week! <3

*By the way, I will try my best with posting more often on here. I just started working at Nordstrom for the summer again, so my schedule is packed!


  1. June 8, 2016 / 6:48 pm

    Love it- such a cute outfit!

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