Memorable Place to Visit this Summer in Southern California!

Hi everyone! Summer is finally upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! Although we have had some gloomy days, I know the summer heat will be here before we know it. With that comes endless options of summer excursions! Living in California, there are so many memorable places to go for photography or just to hangout with friends. For me, I’ve grown up visiting L.A. once in a while and now that I’m in college, San Diego has offered so many exciting places to go. I thought I’d put together a little list of great places to visit for those of you who live in Southern California or for those who are just here for a vacation! Some of these are my favorite places to go and others I have simply heard about and want to see for myself soon. Enough of my rambling, here’s some places I think you’ll find very interesting and exciting to see!

*Disclaimer: I do not own these photos, they are simply there to give you a visual of each location. 🙂

Getty Museum in Los AngelesGATTY-MUSEUM.jpg


This is one of my absolute favorite places to go in L.A. The Getty Museum is a well known art museum. The architecture is modern and totally gorgeous! You take a tram up the mountain to reach these buildings. There are beautiful gardens here as well, as you can see in the top photo. If you’re ever in L.A. and if you’re an art junky, definitely check this place out! A similar place to this is The Griffith Observatory, which is a scientific museum that overlooks Los Angeles. Another one of my favorites!

Paul Smith pink wall and Angel Wings wall in Los Angeles336681979_728d39ac45_b.jpg


If you’re an avid Instagrammer, you’re going to love these next two places in L.A.! The first is one I’ve been to myself and that’s the pink wall from the Paul Smith store (yes, I admit I’m very basic lol). But who can blame me and the thousands of girls who use this wall for Insta everyday? This big pink wall makes for a cool simple background and in my opinion, is very artistic! Next is the angel wings in Beverly Grove. I haven’t been here yet, but you can bet I’ll go one day soon! This gorgeous street art by Colette Miller is perfect to stand in front of to look like you sprouted beautiful wings. Street art can be so beautiful, so this will make for a great photo and an even better memory!

Little Italy Farmer’s Market in San Diegoimage_54.jpeg

It was a little hard to find a decent photo for this event, but basically the Farmer’s Market is located in Little Italy and is a great little event to go to in the morning. It happens every Saturday, without fail all year! You can walk around and check out all the food, art, and handmade items. It covers a couple of streets and there are usually a lot of people that attend. It’s one of my favorite things to do on a weekend in San Diego. Another thing to make sure and do in San Diego is stop by Better Buzz Coffee on your way to or from the Farmer’s Market. This is probably some of the best coffee I’ve ever had and I’ve mentioned it multiple times on this blog. Check out a full post here about it!

Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beacho.jpg


This beach in Laguna is absolutely stunning. It’s definitely one of my favorite beaches in Orange County. Some beaches along this coast have natural pools where you can swim and enjoy the scenery. Thousand Steps though, has a reputation for being either difficult to find and definitely more challenging to get to. The entrance is a little difficult to find, but it is right across from the Laguna Hospital. Stairs lead down to the beach, but be aware, you will be walking for quite a bit! Getting down is simple, but be prepared for a long climb back up! It’s great exercise and the beach is well worth it! Check out this little slice of paradise if you’re ever in Laguna Beach!

Catalina Island & Balboa Island (Newport Beach)carnival-mexico-port-catalina-island-1.jpg


First off, Catalina Island is off the coast of Southern California. I believe it is considered a part of Los Angeles county. I wouldn’t recommend spending more than a day or two on this island, since it can get a little boring. You take a boat ride to this island, which takes about a couple hours. There is shopping and food once you get to the island as well as bike riding, kayaking, and other water related activities. You can even just tan on the beach if you want to relax. It’s a gorgeous little spot to explore and very similar to the rest of Southern California. Fun fact: there are a lot of buffalo on this island from a movie that was shot there. They were left on the island when the movie was completed.

The next photo shows Balboa Island. Technically, it is a peninsula, but it is located off of Newport Beach in Orange County. This is similar to Catalina in that it is a nice getaway for a day. You take a ferry across to get to the peninsula which takes about five minutes. There is a small ferris wheel  when you get there that is great for kids (or for fun loving adults) and an arcade. There is a gorgeous beach here and beautiful homes. There are places where you can rent bike carts to ride around in (I don’t know the technically term for them, so we’ll just call them bike carts lol). These seat four people and are powered by pedaling. Exploring Balboa Island is a great way to spend a summer day!

I hope you guys enjoyed this list and I hope it gave you some ideas if you’re ever in the area! I love spending summers here and there are SO many other places to go that are not listed here. If you’re a Californian, let me know your favorite places to go in the summer! Or if you’ve been to these places I’ve mentioned, what do you think about them? I’d love to hear from you guys! xx

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