June Favorites: T.V. Shows, Makeup, and Summer Inspiration!

Hello everyone! As we are now toward the end of the month of June, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from the month. Usually I focus more on fashion and beauty, but I’d like to expand the scope of this post. I definitely recommend checking out all of these things as they are FANTASTIC! So here they are:


I had to put this first in my June Favorites. Now, I know I’m super behind on this, considering this show ended 6 years ago, but better late than never right? Lost is now my new favorite T.V. show for so many reasons. I’ve heard from many people that Lost is a great series, but I never expected to fall in love with every character and be so invested in a series. There are six seasons to Lost and I finished it in a month. If I wasn’t working, I probably would have finished it earlier, lol. I just can’t explain how addicting this show is and how much it makes you think. The creators, producers, and cast put every ounce of their effort into this show and it is so apparent. They show ended so long ago, but I find myself wanting to know more about it. I wish I was older during the time it was on air because I’d be watching it every week! Every season is on Netflix right now if you’d like to get invested in a series and binge watch. Let me warn you: you WILL end up binge watching Lost, so clear your schedule!


My next favorite is a makeup product. This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I usually never do anything to my brows except brush them out during my makeup routine. But this little brow crayon is great for everyday or for a more dramatic look. It comes with the crayon and a small brush. It is only 80% pigmented so I went with the Taupe shade. I thought this would be too light for my brows, but it ended up being perfect. So make sure if you go to pick one up that you don’t get a shade that is too dark for you! You can purchase this wherever Anastasia is sold, whether it be Nordstrom, Macy’s, or Sephora. I also love Anastasia’s liquid to matte lipstick! The formula is amazing and the shades are gorgeous. I have a separate post about that here.


Cute pool floaties have been quite the trend lately. Naturally, I was dying to try some out. I have the pink donut and the swan. These are honestly so adorable for summer photos and tanning in the pool! I love the designs and colors of these, they really add to the aesthetic of a pool. These are known to be a bit pricey, but we got ours at a significantly lower price off of Amazon! Check it out!

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

I love anything to do with art or design, so recently I taught myself how to write in modern calligraphy! This was such a fun process and I’m definitely still trying to perfect it. It was actually more difficult than I anticipated, but not impossible. I simply looked up tutorials on YouTube or found images of a calligraphy alphabet on Google to practice from. I bought a new calligraphy pen and a bottle of ink from Michael’s craft store. This is such a beautiful way to write and if you’re interested any bit in it, I recommend giving it a shot. The trick is to repeat letters over and over and continue to practice until you’re satisfied with the way your letters look. String them together and you have a beautiful looking word and gorgeous sentences! It is a great skill to learn for invitations, signs, or web design. I used the calligraphy I learned to create my new blog logo! It is on the front page with the little palm tree, let me know how you like it!

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg

Smoothie bowls. These things are the bomb! I can’t get enough of these things and they’re  a great start to your day. I will blend up some fruit for a smoothie, pour it in a bowl, and top with whatever I’m in the mood for. Usually it’s fruit, granola, and agave nectar. I prefer agave nectar over honey since it does not affect our bee friends. I have a few smoothie bowls that I’ve made up on my Instagram if you’d like ideas on what to make! These are a perfect snack for the summer and such a healthy option!

This is it for my June Favorites! Hope you guys enjoyed or learned about something new to try out! Summer is officially upon us and the heat is finally setting in. Can’t wait for summer adventures and I hope your days are filled with fun in the sun and amazing memories!

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