How to Create A Tumblr Aesthetic/Theme

What’s up everyone? I’m sure a lot of you do not have one, but I know all of you have heard of Tumblr. A place where angsty teenagers can go to vent about whatever they’re currently going through…but also a place for very creative people. Tumblr is very different from other blogging platforms in that it is mainly a visual site. Users put together a page that consists of photos and the occasional quote or personally written text. This could be different for others, as you can make your blog look how you’d like it or contain whatever information you’d like. But I know for me and most of the blogs I follow, its a very visual and aesthetics driven platform.

I have been dedicated to my Tumblr blog for almost a couple years now and it has been growing everyday. I started it as an extension of this WordPress blog, but it has turned into something more than just a supporting blog. At first, my Tumblr didn’t get much attention, but the more time I put into it, the more it grew. I’m not saying my only goal was to gain followers, but it was really cool to see people enjoying what I was posting/reblogging and appreciating my aesthetics. I know I say this a lot, but as someone dedicated to art, those small things like aesthetics, or packaging, or branding are just so important to me.

I didn’t think it would ever get where it is today, and I’m excited to see how much farther it will go. Putting together a beautiful blog is simply a passion of mine and nothing else. I’d like to give you some tips on how to do that yourself and show you the tools I used to get there!

1. Decide what look you want to go for! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.29.37 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.25.41 PM.png

So the first thing you want to do when starting a Tumblr blog is choose your aesthetic. You want to try and keep this as consistent as possible while reblogging or even posting photos. I typically go for a very modern feel and post photos with a lot of white in them. The background of my blog keeps that theme since it is an off-white gray toned color. I also kept the font of my blog very simple and a sans-serif (the font does not have serifs, or tails). I also love posting fashion or beachy photos. So the main things I look for when reblogging is if it involves the beach or anything modern/fashion. The photos above are screen shots from my Tumblr. Here is the url if you’d like to give it a further look:

2. How to maintain your blog and connect with others! 

I’m just speaking from experience here, but I notice that the more active I am on my blog, the more activity I will get from others. Even though that is not my goal for my blog, I love interacting with different bloggers! They way I reach out to others is actually through a website called I wasn’t contacted by that site to say this, I truly use it as a way to connect with other bloggers. You simply plug in your url and write a little description for it. There are lists of bloggers doing the same thing and a great way to find other blogs to follow! This is definitely one of the most important tools I use and I love finding people from all over the world to reblog from!

Another amazing tool which I just recently started using is Queue Plus. Queuing is a way to schedule out your posts so they will automatically go live when you are not online. This is vital to a successful blog. I never thought queuing would be so important to my blog when I first started out, so it’s some good advice I’d like to pass down to new Tumblr users. A user has the option to queue a post through the Tumblr platform, but Queue Plus is a separate system I like to use. Through the app, photos will pop up on your screen and you can either swipe left (not to post) or right (to post). Simple as that! When you swipe right, a photo is added to your queue. You can also set your schedule to when you want photos to be posted. I have mine set to post every 15 minutes all day. Why so often you may ask? Because consistency is key. The more consistent you are, the better! With this app, being consistent has never been easier!

In no way is my blog perfect, but I do work hard to keep it looking nice. These tips are for those who are new to the platform or those who want to try out a different aesthetic and keep it consistent. But most of all, just have fun with it. Tumblr is there to provide inspiration for artistic people and that’s what it’s done for me. There are many more ideas I could share with you guys but these two tips are some of the most important for a successful blog. Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you want more blogging tips! 🙂


  1. August 11, 2017 / 7:45 am

    I so glad to find someone else that likes Tumbler. My WordPress blogs link to Tumbler. I am on my way to your Tumbler url. Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

    • August 11, 2017 / 7:46 am

      yes I love Tumblr! and thanks so much, i’ll be sure to follow back on there! x

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