Fitness Videos You Need in Your Life NOW!

Hi loves! So since I’ve been back at work at Nordstrom almost everyday, I’ve been slacking off on my workouts too often. I’m actually super sad about this since I have been enjoying them more and more. Whether you are hard at work or a full time student or both, we all need a little inspiration once in a while. So this post is partially for my own motivation as well! These are videos are exactly what you need so check them out!

This video is specifically on how to stay motivated plus some awesome health tips! Love this girl and what she’s all about! Set yourself up for success!

Here is a little list of some great videos of Katie from LoveSweatFitness. Each video is a different workout targeting different areas of the body. These are awesome ways to tone up during the summer!

Next are videos from Montanadanna! She’s a vegan and shows you so many recipes and workouts. In the video below, she shows you some intense Starimaster workouts that’ll kick your butt!

Lastly is a video from Maddi Bragg. I love all the workouts she does with her trainer and they really look like they kick your butt! Check it out below!

Definitely check out all three of these awesome YouTubers for more content! These are simply for your motivation and to give you some ideas without having to search too hard online! Hope they help and let me know if you tried any of these in the comments below! <3

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