Some Thoughts on Being Kind

Hey there loves! I didn’t write about this too much lately on my blog, but this is the third summer I decided to work in retail. I have been with this company before and very happy to be a part of the team. My coworkers have been very informative, patient, and helpful when I need them. Retail and working in customer service in general can be quite taxing on a person physically and even emotionally at times. The 8 hour days take some time to get used to but ultimately you are earning your pay at the end of the day, which makes you feel so accomplished.

With those long days however, brings countless experiences with customers…both the good and the bad.

This brings me to some realizations about customer service and being a decent human being in general. I was brought up and taught to always be kind to people. Even if someone does you wrong, kill them with kindness! I’ve done my best to live my life out this way, even when the going gets tough. Anyways, whenever I’m shopping in a store, I know I’m always kind to whoever is helping me. They’re doing their job and probably doing it to the best of their ability. But even though they are providing a service to you, let’s not forget that they’re normal people as well.

I can’t tell you how many horror stories there are of impolite customers. Even customers that will make employees cry! CRY! These instances really made me take a step back and wonder how people can be like this. Everyone should know that employees are doing the best they can, especially in a high end retail store where amazing customer service is something they take pride in. If you’re a shopper having a not so great day, don’t take it out on the employees. We all have our bad days, but it doesn’t have anything to do with them. Find what you need, check out, drive home, and scream into a pillow if you need to! We’ve all been there.

This also goes for the employees. Like every other person in customer service out there, I’ve had my fair share of “impatient” customers. Any small mistake made or taking a minute too long to ring them up for example, could set them off. You never know! But as the employee, you must do your best to stay calm and keep the customer happy. Be as quick as possible with customers like these and keep a smile on your face. You have to realize that whatever issue they’re experiencing has nothing to do with you and instead of absorbing that negativity, reflect it with positive energy. This is something I had to realize when I had my first major encounter with an impatient customer. I’ll be honest, that persons’s negativity put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day, but I knew after the fact that those people can’t have that effect on me anymore. Just be aware if you are going into retail that experiences like this are inevitable no matter how cheerful of a person you may be.

To sum up this short rant, as a customer always be kind to those who are helping you, they are not the cause of whatever you are going through right now. As an employee, be wary that you will get the occasional “in a bad mood” customer, but their negativity shouldn’t affect your day or make you upset. The customer is always right and you’re not there to be philosophical (as is written in the store I work at) or to win an argument. And finally, as a decent human being that I know you are, be thoughtful and kind to everyone around you. You may fail at this sometimes like we all do, but we can all learn together to create a more compassionate world!

With the recent events going on in the United States and even the world within these past few weeks, I think this is a message that can apply to every single negative situation out there.

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