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Hey everyone! I love showing you all the best outfits and giving you clothing inspiration. I have thought of a new idea for a post where I can show you all great pieces and not spend tons and tons at one time. So come shop with me and check out what I picked! This day I went to Melrose in the O.C., which is one of my favorite shops ever! I only grabbed a few things but I think they’re perfect for the summer or the transition from summer to fall! Let’s get shopping!

*Also, I’m very sorry for the bad image quality. The lighting was not very good in the dressing rooms, but I hope you can look past that! <3

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This first piece is  a dress that’s perfect for this sunny weather we’re having! It’s a tan/blush color with a chevron pattern printed on it. It’s off the shoulder so you definitely won’t get too warm in it. The sleeves and upper part of it are loose, flowy, and totally comfortable! Also at the top are a couple of tassels in the same blush color. I loved this detail and is definitely bohemian! I thought the length of it was super flattering as well; it stops above your knee. Overall, I thought this was a fantastic piece and something that could be kept for several summers after!

VSCO Cam-1-3.jpg

This next top is actually something I purchased after trying it on! It is a black striped collared blouse. It has long sleeves but they can be rolled up if you’re going for that style. The back is longer than the front, which I think is very flattering and more comfortable. It also has a large pocket on the front, giving it a laid back “I didn’t try too hard with this” type of look. But the BEST detail on this is the front. Instead of it buttoning all the way down, it laces up with black strings and connects at the collar. This trend is so in style right now and I’m so into it! The strings also have tassels on the end (can you tell I’m loving that as well?) It’s just such a unique piece that you don’t see many places and I know it’ll be perfect for the fall season coming up or for a colder summer night!

By the way I wouldn’t wear this top with those shorts, but you get the idea!

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

This next piece I also ended up purchasing and I am absolutely OBSESSED with it! I know it’s hard to see every detail with this photo, but not to worry! I’m planning on doing an OOTD for it very soon! But let me make a mini description of it for you before that post goes up. This dress is all black and goes all the way to the floor. It is cut shorter on the sides so that it moves in the most beautiful way. It looks as if it’s draped around you, which I think is super feminine and beautiful. It ties at the top around your neck and has a triangle neck line. Also, at the front is a small cutout and is the perfect little detail! Attached to that are strings that can be tied in a bow or even wrapped around your waist. But the main reason why I am so in love with this is because at the end of the strings at your waist and around the neck are little seashells! It’s as if someone made this dress and then went to the beach to add these perfect shells. Can’t wait to show you guys more photos of it!

VSCO Cam-1-4.jpg

Carrying on with this lace trend, I found this gray t-shirt. It’s not any normal t-shirt though. It has a large lace up in the front that ties in a bow at the top. It’s so edgy and gives a grungy vibe! I love simple pieces like this that can be worn as is or that can be made a little girlier through accessories or by curled hair. The sleeves are also rolled which is a nice little touch.

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg

This next dress was also very flattering and comfortable. It is also a tan/blush color similar to the first off the shoulder dress. But it has a tie dye print which I think is super unique because I’ve never seen tie dye done in this color before. It also has buttons that go a short way down. I wore a black lace bralette underneath that gave some nice detailing along the neckline. This is perfect for the summer when taking a stroll downtown!

That’s it for now! I hope you guys enjoyed this little shopping trip/try on haul. It was really fun for me to collect stuff I thought would be unique and interesting pieces. Let me know which one was your favorite or if you have any questions about Melrose!

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