Talkative Tuesday: It's Time to Relax!

Hello beach bunnies! How many of you are exhausted, overworked college students? Actually, how many of you are simply a stressed out person in general and need some down time? This is definitely how I feel during the school year and I’m sure most people who are full time students or workers know what I mean. Even though times may become tough, you can’t stop attending school and you can’t stop clocking in for work. However, you can find ways to help your mind and body take a breather between classes and shifts. I’m writing this for you, the hard worker, who deserves some relaxation!

1. Find something that motivates you and gets your mind working while you have time at home. 

What exactly do I mean by this? It may not sound like the most productive thing in the world, but whenever I get home late from closing the store, I honestly like to wind down with some Netflix before bed. I don’t watch mindless television though, I love watching shows like Project Runway that get my mind working and inspire me to be a more creative person. They motivate me to continue to think outside of the box and keep creating when I have time between work or school. It’s a small thing, but it’s great to pursue your own endeavors between your other priorities whether that means drawing inspiration from shows, blogs, or doing something to get you closer to your goals. For me, I like to do that while winding down before bed. Find something creative on Netflix or even YouTube during your time off!

2. Run yourself a bath.

This is probably one of my favorite ways to really destress. Some people don’t love these, but I think baths are the most relaxing things in the world! It is known to help destress a person and help relieve some of their anxieties. I have used this trick for years to calm some of my worries. Especially after a long day, it’s great to wind down this way with some music or a good book!

3. Write out a To Do list.

This may not sound like the best “relaxation tip” out there, but sometimes it helps to write down a To Do list. I know when I have too much going on in my mind, I have to write it down. Especially when it comes to school work and projects! If you create lists, everything cluttered up in your mind will move from your pen to the paper and you can be sure you won’t forget anything. No more thinking about what you have to do or where you have to go. It’s all written down on that paper for you to check later on. This is a life saver in every situation and it’s something I really recommend to high school students especially. It’s a crazy time and it’s definitely something I did daily in high school.

4. Go to one of your favorite places. 

I know for me, I like to spend my time relaxing at one of my favorite places. The beach! This may be different for everybody since not everyone lives by an ocean. It could be whatever places gives you a consistently happy feeling. One of my absolutely favorite things is feeling the sand between my toes and watching the surf. I could sit for hours and take in that view and smelling that salt air. Watching the sun go down over the Pacific makes a bad day better every time. (Not to mention, it’s one of the best date spots!)

I think I’m going to end this Talkative Tuesday post here. I want to keep them fairly short but if you want any more relaxation suggestions, comment below! Also, if you have any other great ways to wind down, please let me know, I’d love to hear it!! Hope your week is going well so far! <3

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