Dorm Haul: Target Decorations and Necessities!

Hey everyone! With my leaving for school in just a few days (where did the summer go?!) I have been shopping around for a few things to spice up my dorm room. We all know that a little decor can go a long way in an entirely white dorm room. While I do not have all the things I need yet, I do have a few things together that I have bought or even made myself. (DIY decor post coming soon!) So here’s just a few things I picked up today. Everything listed here you can get at Target! Also, this will be the start of my back to school posts, so there will be more to come!

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The first things I got were these gray sheets for my bed. I’m going for a very modern/minimalistic style for my room, so these were the perfect shade of gray to match my other decor. I also have white sheets and pillowcases that I’m going to reuse from the last couple years at school. I’m going for white/black/gray tones with little splashes of pink here and there. I bought the fitted sheet, the flat sheet, and a pack of two pillowcases. The bed sheets are specifically for a twin XL size bed, since that is what most schools provide in their dorms. These are from the brand Threshold; Target usually carries a ton of stuff from this company.

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Every girl knows the difficulty of organizing your purses and bags. Especially in a dorm where there’s limited space, finding a good way to hang your bags isn’t the easiest thing. It’s something I’ve had a hard time with myself, but I think these hooks will solve the problem. I’m hoping they will fit perfectly on my closet door and will be able to hold my bags and even my towel for the shower. I think the double hooks will be able to hold a lot more while still matching the modern look I’m going for. It has a matte black finish and is from the brand Room Essentials.

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The next item I picked up is probably my favorite thing out of everything. Since I’m going for pink/blush accents, I knew this pillow would work well in the dorm. It’s a beautiful color and the design is very geometric and modern. I’m thinking these will look great with the gray and white pillowcases. Simple and minimalistic pillows will really make these pop and give that little accent that I’m looking for. Look forward to a room tour with a complete look at my bedding with these pillows! These pillows came in a set of two from the Threshold brand and was a super good deal.

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These hooks are something I can’t go without when moving into my dorm. I use these a lot to hang lights, but this year I’m going to use the ones on the left to hang frames specifically. The middle ones I will probably be using for the lights like I mentioned and the right ones I’d like to use to hang some DIY decorations I made. These are super useful since most schools, including mine, won’t allow you to nail into the wall to hang things. They have a wide variety of these at Target in different forms and colors. However, I do prefer the clear ones since they’re not as prominent or noticeable on the wall.

That’s it for this small Target haul. These are some of the most important things I needed to pick up, so I’m glad I can check them off the list. Next up is Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up a few more things, so you’ll get another haul coming up soon! Thanks guys! <3


  1. August 24, 2016 / 5:01 pm

    Love Target!

    • August 24, 2016 / 5:04 pm

      me too! I could shop in there for hours! xx

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