Dorm Decor: DIY Ribbon Hanger

Hello, loves! I promised more back to school posts and I’m so excited to share this one with you! I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m usually not one to go all DIY with room decor or anything in general, but I decided to try it out this year. I’ve seen these all over the internet and they look easy enough to make. This is a ribbon hanger (or at least that’s what I’m going to call it) that makes for a great little unique accent on your wall! This took only a few minutes to make and I think it’s going to match super well with the rest of my decor. Here is the finished product:

VSCO Cam-1-14.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-15.jpg

This is exactly what you’ll need: 3 different ribbons (preferably each a different color and texture to add dimension), a stick or branch (any size will be fine), and string (I used two different colors). 

The only thing I had to pick up at Michael’s for this DIY was the ribbon since I already had the embroidery string and I found the stick in my backyard (I couldn’t find any branches that would work at the store).

VSCO Cam-1-16.jpg

The three colors I chose were white, beige, and gray. I thought these would work well together and give that modern feel I’m trying to achieve in my room. The white and beige ribbons are a rougher texture and have a little bohemian edge (since they are also a thick fabric, I had to tear them in half). The gray is simply normal ribbon and will be used as the accent color.

So, I wasn’t exactly sure how to start on this project. I wanted the ribbon to have an arrow shape so that the longest ribbon was in the middle and they gradually got shorter at each side of the branch. To start, I measured how long I wanted the middle piece to be and then folded it over on itself (the piece should be double how long you actually want it to hang). You must double the length to be able to tie it on the branch; there will also be two pieces hanging instead of one. To tie it on, fold your piece in half and tuck it under the branch to make a small loop. Take the two end pieces of the ribbon and bring it over the branch to tuck it into the loop. Tighten as needed. (If this is at all confusing, try referring to the first couple photos for clarity).

I continued this same process with each color and made some pieces shorter. After I had a majority of the ribbon on, I had to trim some down to give that arrow shape. It’s a very simple process, just continue to tie on the ribbon as you’d like and adding more to make it full.

VSCO Cam-1-17.jpg

VSCO Cam-1-18.jpg

Next, I started on the string that would allow it to hang on a wall. I used white and cream embroidery string that I used to use to make bracelets when I was younger (throwback to anyone who remembers that craze!) Since this string is extremely thin, I knew I would have to make it more sturdy somehow. I decided to make them into a braid.

To do this, I needed two strands of the white and one of the cream. Again, I knew it would still be too thin. So for one strand, I would have to use three pieces of string. I’ll make it super simple:

First white strand = 3 white strings

Second white strand = 3 white strings

Third cream strand = 3 cream strings

Once I had measured how long the braid would be, I cut all 9 pieces of string. I sectioned them off like how they are listed above. Once they were all together and almost ready to be braided, I tied them to one end of the branch. After this, you can go ahead and start braiding them. Make sure you keep each group separate so one piece doesn’t wander into another. This could make the braid look wonky. This was a very easy part of the project once it got going. When you reach the end of the braid, tie the end onto the other side of the branch.

Once you’ve finished the braid, you have completed this DIY ribbon hanger project! I love how mine turned out and I’ll be sure to post photos of it with my other decorations when my room is put together. I love how you could change the colors of this to match any room.  It’s so simple especially when you get the hang of it. If you try this out or have done it before, comment down below, I’d love to know what you think! Hope you guys are have a great end of the week! I’m moving into my dorm this weekend, so wish me luck!<3

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