Talkative Tuesday: Fun Things To Do With Your Friends In College!

Hello loves! Hope your Monday went well and that it was a great start to your work/school week. Us college students usually have so many things to check off our To-Do lists on a Monday. I know with my school schedule Mondays are always super busy for me. However, my week starts to die down around Thursday and I finally get a chance to take a breath. This is the time I like to cater to my social life and see what my friends are up to. A lot of the time, we like to just stay in and find something fun to do at the dorms. Because as you would expect, we are exhausted from our week. So here’s some things we love to do when staying in and I hope it gives you some ideas to try out with your own group of friends!

1. Watch a movie + popcorn!: This may seem like an obvious one with the technology we have nowadays. But there are times when all we want to do is sit down together and pick a movie off of Netflix. The dorms here have a place called “the box” where you can buy candy, popcorn, and usually any sort of junk food (not so healthy I know, but once in a while I’ll cave in). We’ll buy a bag or two from there if someone doesn’t have any already bought. Sometimes a simple hangout with a movie is all it takes to relax and spend quality time with your favorite people.

Bonus tip: While we’re on the subject of movies/television, some of my friends and I love to keep up with a T.V. show. For example when it’s on, we love to keep up with The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise!

2. Do our nails/hair: Surprise! Shocker here…NOT! This could sound very stereotypical of girls and what we consider fun, but I know if we have any free time, some pampering is always a good idea. Personally I bring to school a bin of many different colored nail polishes. I can’t use them all myself and I know my friends loving looking through the colors. It’s fun to just sit around with your friends painting nails or doing our hair for the next day of classes. It’s super simple but you never know when you’ll get free time again!

3. Order in: Sometimes when its dinnertime and already dark out, you don’t really feel like going off campus to get something other than cafeteria food. Ordering up a pizza to split together can be fun. Chinese food is another good alternative if you aren’t feeling up for all that cheesy pizza. (Make sure the place has good ratings before you order. I speak from experience when I say it’s not fun to get borderline nasty Chinese take out when you’re starving). That’s a good habit to get into anyway when you’re trying something new: always check for good or bad ratings on sites like Yelp!

4. Do something creative: My friends and I have done this once where we will paint together outside our dorms. This is a creative and memorable activity to do with your friends and may even open them up to something fun and new. Maybe do some watercoloring or calligraphy to add some art to your white walls in the dorm room. It definitely makes for good use of your time and it’s a great memory to share with friends. Doing something artsy will always be something fun to look back on once you’re all graduated and living different lives.

5. Take photos: This is something I need to get in the habit of doing more often. When you’re in college, take tons of pictures! It’s something I’ve really been making an effort to do more because I want to look back and remember the happy memories with great people I met over the years. Even if you’re doing something totally normal like talking with friends in your room, go ahead and take that selfie. Whenever you’re out to dinner or walking around campus, that’s a good time to pull out your phone and take a couple Snaps or post a photo to Instagram.

These are such simple things to do with your friends but they really do make for the best memories. Some of the selfies or old photos I’ve found from my freshman year really take me back. The years are flying by and the best thing to do is take advantage of the time you have. Talk to you guys soon! <3

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