Visiting Julian, California!

Hey everyone, happy October! I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a post. I miss blogging so much, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, this year has been the craziest yet! Between design jobs for my school, homework, and keeping up a social life and my relationship, I’m bummed my blog has been pretty bare. But I’m back today with an exciting adventure post!

I have been dying to go to a place called Julian for a while now. Julian is located east of San Diego and is made up of one single street. The road up to Julian is fairly mountainous and winding. To be honest, I got pretty car sick, but I’m so glad we went. My boyfriend and I took the couple hour trip up there for a fall experience that we usually don’t get living by the ocean. I’m thankful for the sea and living where I do, but I do wish we had more differentiation between the seasons. Julian gets snow during some parts of winter and is known for having that autumnal feel. Everyone knows that you go to Julian for pie and apple picking!

Once we got there, we explored the street and I tried the infamous Mom’s Pies! When you walk in to this little shop, you smell all the delicious pies and get a nice homey feel. There was a line out the door but the wait was worth it! I ended up getting an apple pie with flakey crust. And let me tell you, this was probably the best pie I’ve ever had in my life and I wish I could’ve taken some home for my family. If you’re ever in Julian, please please please stop by Mom’s Pies or another pie shop there. There are many trinket shops along the Julian street to explore, but other than that, that’s about all there is on the street. It’s great for a day trip, but I’m not sure what you’d do there for an entire weekend.

We also ended up going apple picking, going to pumpkin patches, and through a corn maze. These activities you can do on the road up to Julian at little farms. Apple picking was so fun and the apples were so delicious and fresh! I actually ended up being allergic to the apple trees, but #noregrets! It was still a great experience, regardless. The corn maze was also super fun and didn’t take too long to get out of. I imagine at night, it would be MUCH creepier. But this one was for families to enjoy. I loved seeing all the pumpkins and the Halloween decorations around the stores and the farms, so you’ll see plenty of that below. By now you’re probably over reading about these little excursions and want to see the pictures. Well don’t worry, I took PLENTY and they’re all down below! Check them out!

I definitely recommend taking a trip to Julian if you’re in the Southern California area! It was an autumnal dream and I’d love to go there when it gets colder! It’s an awesome place for families and if you want to take a day trip somewhere. Happy adventuring!

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