Talkative Tuesday: New Chapters

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well and had a fabulous Thanksgiving filled with laughs, family, and friends. For this week’s Talkative Tuesday, I wanted to go over some thoughts that my roommate and I were discussing a couple of days ago. Which is, ending certain chapters of your life to begin new and exciting ones!

Those of us who went off to college have either kept a group of our high school friends or simply lost touch with most of them. Personally, I am so grateful for the friends I met here in college and even for those who are only a part of my past. Most of my college friends I met freshman year in our dorm hall and I’m so lucky a group of us are still so close. They have been there for me through thick and thin and I couldn’t imagine my college experience without them. Many people feel this way about high school friends as well, which is totally awesome! But my message to you this week (especially if you are getting ready to go off to college) is that it’s okay to want to start a new chapter. It’s okay to need to let go of certain people to better or change your future.

I get the feeling that many people expect to keep their high school friends for their entire lives. And some lucky people do! But right now I hope to be that friend that will tell you the truth. Every one of your friends is going to change once you enter college and I mean that in the best of ways! These years will help to shape you into the adult you will become and if that means closing one chapter of your book to open a new one, then that’s 100% okay!

Some people may feel guilty about doing this, but honestly it’s only going to help you make your future what you want it to be. I know in my case I have chosen to end one time in my life to get to a better and more exciting one filled with new friends and new experiences! That’s what college is all about. This time is meant for YOU and what YOU want or need. I’ve been told time and time again that it’s your time to be selfish (not in a negative way, of course) and to dial in on exactly what it is you want to do with your life. If you need to let some friends go, whether you were only acquaintances or if they were a toxic friend, that’s okay. Be open to new people and don’t focus on what is in the past.

I know I’m still learning how to do this, even in my third year of being at my university. Being in a long distance relationship has helped me to not focus so much on the past and try to look forward to the future. As hard as this is, I think I’m learning more every day. If you focus on things you miss or on your past, you’re not giving your future a chance. In fact, you’re not giving yourself a chance. Only thinking about one chapter of your life isn’t healthy, try taking the future one day at a time and finding excitement in it!

I hope this post was clear and helped any one of you. Being the oldest sibling, I never had an older sister or brother to give me short tips like this or to tell me that it’s okay to let go. That it’s okay to be excited for what’s to come! I hope you’re looking forward to your future and pursuing whatever it is that you love! <3

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