Summer Sandals You Need Right Now! (and life update)

Hello, everyone! Wow, I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve made a post! Through these last four months though, I have not forgotten about my passion for blogging, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle! This last semester has been quite the tough one for me. Not only academically was it very challenging, but many things in my personal life have been throwing me for a curve. It has definitely been a time for change and adjusting, and that has been my top priority. Before I pursued anything, I had to make sure I was okay. On a better note, I have finally completed my Junior year of college! Woo! My classes this year were vital to my growth as a graphic designer and artist all around. I was pushed hard by my professors in the best of ways and surrounded by friends who caused me to want to go the extra mile. However, I am ready for this summer and my final year at my university!

Speaking of summer, I am so excited that I will have more time to post. I am also taking a long trip out of the country to some very amazing places that I can’t wait to share with you all! So to kick off my summer posts, here are a few gorgeous sandals that you need for every sun dress, shorts with a crop top, or even with a bathing suit!



I love the simple sandal trend that has been going on lately. It seems like every store has basic sandals available that are able to go with every outfit! These are probably my favorite pair that I picked up the other day. The pink blush is so subtle, yet so beautiful! Light brown is also a very flexible color that can work with many looks. The fabric is soft, making for a very comfy shoe that can be worn all day. Check out the photo above for more details! ($29)



I can’t tell you how long I have been eyeing a pair of shoes like these. These shoes from Brackelle’s are gorgeous with the short heel and open toe. I love shoes like these with flowy dresses or pants. They would be perfect with a sun dress on a hot day while out shopping with your friends or out on a lunch date! The black color and suede material would also transfer over well to the nighttime, when it isn’t super cold, but you still want to look put together. These also came in a stunning pink blush. ($34)



These are the easiest pairs of sandals you could ever wear! If you’re in a rush, slip them on for a beautiful, effortless look! The crossed straps make for a beautiful detail, while the sides are lined with a rope-like material. It adds quite the bohemian vibe to them, making them the perfect beach shoe! These also came in a brown color and black as well. There’s so many great options, it was hard to choose! Ultimately, I didn’t have many white sandals and I knew they would work with anything. ($28)

I bought all three pairs at Melrose in the O.C., who have locations in both San Clemente (Orange County) and Carlsbad. However, I believe these would be available wherever these specific brands are sold. Hope you enjoyed this post and that the first half of 2017 has treated you well! Make sure to keep up with me and see sneak peaks of upcoming posts on my Instagram: @sageoliviablog! Until next time! xx


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