Galway Girl OOTD

Hey lovelies! Two things have been on my mind recently: Ed Sheeran’s angel voice and this amazing wrap dress. Firstly, I have been listening to many of Ed’s songs off his new album, specifically Galway Girl, Castle on the Hill, and Shape of You. Thus came the name for this blog post! Secondly, wrap dresses seem to be making a come back this year and I am obsessed! I had never tried one on before this specific piece, but I’m SO glad I did. They are made to match anyone’s body type since you can tie it wherever is most comfortable on your waist. I absolutely love that it has this ability. Keep reading to learn more about this dress!




Putting this dress on is quite different than others. It is first slipped on like a robe, with two separate sides. The two are then wrapped around your body and secured with strings tied around the waist. The sleeves reach about elbow length, making it a flattering dress and very mature. It is a high-low dress, which is such a throwback to years ago when those types of looks were what everyone was wearing. I’ll admit, when I was younger I loved the high-low trend and honestly, I’m still kind of into it with this type of look.


Next, the pattern and material of this is just stunning. I’m a big fan of wearing black, so even though this came in colors like lavender and even yellow, I had to go with black. It’s just so versatile and there’s so many options for variations of this look. The fabric is very light, making it the perfect dress for weather that is heating up, like it is here in California (well, except for this week since it’s been RAINING!) Hopefully the sun will get it’s ish together soon, LOL. By the way, I purchased this dress at a small boutique in my little beach city and it actually wasn’t extremely pricey. However, it is from the brand Cotton Candy L.A., if that helps any.


Since this wrap dress is in fact high-low, it gave me the opportunity to pair it with these black suede sandals. Even though the majority of this look is black, I think these sandals add a very summery feel to it! Perfect for going out at night in the warmer weather. I actually have a whole post about these shoes and other summer sandals here, if you have some time to check that out!


Finally, to tie this look together, I paid special attention to the makeup. Since I wanted the hair to look windblown/natural and I didn’t accessorize too much except for my classic holographic crystal necklace and a few dainty rings, I went all out with the eyes. I used the Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which I also have an entire post about here.

I hope you all enjoyed this Galway Girl OOTD! I wore this wrap dress to my 21st birthday and I have to say, it was extremely comfortable! Let me know what you think down in the comments! xx

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