The Body Shop: Aloe Toner

Hello everyone! Thought I would take a little break from the travel posts and write one focused on beauty. After all, this is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog! Recently I stopped into the Body Shop with a friend and as we were perusing what they had to offer, I stumbled upon this little bottle of toner. My recent skin routine has been to use Cetaphil as a cleanser and La Mer to heal my skin from acne scarring and redness. That has been working super well, but once I saw this aloe based toner, I had to give it a try!


The last time I used a toner was probably at the end of high school/beginning of college. I had my Proactiv days, and they carried a toner in their three step system. Proactiv did not end up being the cure for my acne, however I do believe it could work well for other types of skin. The reason I wanted to try this toner from the Body Shop though, is because it is made out of aloe. Growing up in sunny Southern California, sunburns are not unfamiliar to us, and some can be quite painful. Aloe is the normal fix for sunburns and I know how effective it is, so I knew a face product with aloe had to contain some healing properties. It is made specifically to bring down redness, which I still have some remaining redness from my battles with acne and acne scarring.


This also works to remove traces of makeup, so after I wash my face and use this I feel extra clean! I can guarantee this will make you feel soothed and refreshed even after a hectic day of work or school! I do wish it came in a bigger bottle, because I can definitely see myself running out of this quickly. If you want a cheaper alternative for a toner, you can also head over to Target or any drug store and try Witch Hazel. I have used this as a toner as well and is very refreshing and effective.

Thanks for reading guys, and I’ve really been enjoying your comments on my travel posts. It’s so fun for me to see where you all are living and what cultures you come from. It really does amaze me how tools like blogging can bring people together, even if they’re thousands of miles away! Have a lovely day everyone! xx


16 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Aloe Toner

  1. What a wonderful product! My mom has always recommended witch hazel highly for all kinds of skin issues and even just to use regularly in a routine. The aloe does sound like a lovely way to help reduce redness though and certainly soothe skin (: fantastic post xoxo

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  2. Toner is definitely something that I tend to leave out of my skincare routine. I have just never found one that I love! I tried witch hazel and didn’t have much much; it wrecked my poor sensitive skin! But I’m glad you are liking it so far!

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    1. oh no! i’m sorry you had that experience with it! everyone’s skin is so different, i understand how hard it is sometimes to find what works best for you personally. aloe may be a little less harsh for you! xx

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  3. I loved this toner! I stopped using it because I wasn’t sure what was causing my increase in acne and it seemed to start going away for awhile. It’s come back now so I guess it wasn’t this product after all, which is amazing because I missed it!

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    1. im so glad you liked it and that it wasn’t the cause of your acne! I know if I was still going through my serious breakouts I’d be hesitant as well. hope you have better luck with it the second time around! xx

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