Beach Grunge OOTD!


Hello loves! Hope you all are doing well this fine day. Time for another OOTD, yay! I missed putting together outfits for your guys so much. I think my last OOTD was posted before I left for London. Wow, that was so long ago but nonetheless I think you all will enjoy this one! This outfit is great for the upcoming school year since it’s very casual but also has “fancier” elements. You could always make small changes and variations to this style so it can be worn on a night out as well. So without further ado, let’s jump into this 90’s inspired beach grunge OOTD!




As you guys may or may not know, I absolutely love an all black outfit. Black clothing in general seems to work very well for me and I love wearing it, especially in the fall! I bought these distressed black jeans months ago and I can’t stop wearing them. Even though it’s the summertime, I take the chance to wear them whenever I can. They match with absolutely any time and look fabulous with any shoe. I’d love to get a pair of these in white as well since they fit so great. I bought these jeans at Melrose in the O.C. and they are from the brand Just Black.




I threw on a simple black t-shirt to go with the black pants. In order to make the denim stand out, an all black look seemed the best way to go. I got this t-shirt a while back at Nordstrom and I love the scoop neck style of it! This denim jacket has been another staple of mine for the summer. It served me well in Europe on the chillier days while still being light and airy with the sporadic distressed rips. The giant pockets at the front and with the sleeves unrolled, it gives a very 90’s look, which I’m always a fan of. Rolling up the sleeves is perfect as well if I want an even edgier look. I got this slightly oversized denim jacket at a store called Owl Fish, which is a very affordable shop with a great selection!





To continue with the 90’s grunge, I decided to throw on a plain black velvet choker (I bought it at a random store in the mall, but you can find these types of chokers anywhere). I’ve been loving the choker trend lately and all the different styles they come in. They look just amazing on everybody and a great way to punk up a look. Another great trend that’s been happening lately is the dad hat or baseball hat style. It’s been super hard for me to find just the right one, but luckily the Vans US Open of Surfing had my back! I’ve attended the US Open for the past few years now and I always make sure to stop in the Vans shop. They sell tons of Vans march including shoes, apparel, accessories, and more. This year I found a gorgeous little pink hat and I love the pop of color it gives to this outfit. It radiates a feminine and playful vibe without taking away from the edginess. That’s my perfect outfit combo: cute, beachy, and dangerous!



Lastly, to tie up the look I threw on these nude strappy sandals. They have a very slight heel and I love how they can be kept casual in a look like this but also played up with a dress or a romper. While being super easy to walk in, they definitely need some breaking in to get past that blister phase. You all know what I’m talking about when you’re dealing with new shoes, lol. I bought these at a shoe store called Reflection. This lovely nude color combined with the pink, black, and denim texture is something I’m obsessed with lately. It’s so easy to put together and they compliment each other extremely well. On my hands I have a few dainty rings and a marble ring for a little extra something. Combining a modern look with styles from the 90’s is definitely something I’m into right now, and I hope you guys love it too! Let me know what you think of this OOTD, I love chatting with you guys! xx


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