400 Subscriber Thank You!!

Wow, I can’t believe it. 400 of you?? Is this a dream??? I wanted to hop on here real quick and write a quick thank you. It wasn’t too long ago that I reached 300, and that in itself was a big milestone for me! It’s crazy to think this little blog family has grown so much in a short time. And I’ve loved meeting and talking with all of you! Every person has such different and interesting lives, so unique from my own. That’s probably the thing I love most about blogging. People from such opposite worlds can come together through writing, photography, and so much more!

I realize that 400 may not be the biggest number out in the blogging or social media world, but to me every milestone is an accomplishment. When I started this blog, it was very random and out of the blue. I wasn’t sure what would come of it but now, I know all the energy is worth it, not to mention how extremely fun it is! I want this upcoming school year to be different for me, too. Usually when school starts I majorly drop the ball on this blog. I’m praying this year will be different, and I’m determined to make it so. You have to chase what you want, even if you are a full time student with a part time job. I want to prove to myself this year that I can do it all, and so can you. Wow, has this turned into a motivational speech? I sure hope not, but it’s what’s in my mind this minute. Anyways, thank you guys again for your continued support and kind comments. I wish I could give back more, and I plan to do that one day when I am able to. Have a lovely day everyone! xx


29 thoughts on “400 Subscriber Thank You!!

  1. Congratulations!! 💚 I hope you’ll have more subscribers soon 😊
    I’m not as much lucky as you cause my blog still has got 14 followers! 😕

    Have a nice evening! 💚

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