5 Ways to Style a Black Overall Dress for the Fall!


I am officially writing my first blog post inspired by the fall season, YAY! I am so so excited to bring you these posts and hope it gives you some good ideas for this autumn time whether it be beauty, fashion, or lifestyle related! So to kick things off, I’m creating an OOTD-like post. Recently, I bought these black denim overalls from Topshop and they’re all I want to wear. They had a huge selection of overalls from corduroy to denim in many colors. Not only are these overalls so 90’s, but they’re in dress form!! Perfect for a trip to Julian to have some of Mom’s pies or taking photos in a little pumpkin patch this season. So without me rambling on, here are 5 unique ways to style a black denim overall dress. Get ready for silly faces and some unforgettable denim outfits!

A Date with Jack Skellington





Alright so this first looks is super simple, making it very easy to wear! The classic striped shirt underneath overalls is very popular right now, so I thought it’d give it a go. This is one of my most basic striped shirts that goes with just about anything. I love how easy it looks under the overalls and how it matches the black denim. For accessories, I threw on my sun medallion choker, which I usually wear year round but I love the witchy vibe it gives during the fall. I also wore my black heeled sandal shoes. They are a little hard to describe but they are so casual but also very feminine with the slight heel (I have a full post about them and more here!) Such an easy look for absolutely anybody to wear and if you’re not a fan of the heels, black or white tennis shoes would be just as adorable!

Striped shirt: Zara

Necklace: Etsy

Shoes: Melrose in the O.C.

Through the Corn Maze with Bae



This next look is actually one of my favorites. I just recently picked up this green plaid jacket and I think it’s absolutely lovely for the new season. It’s cozy and there’s a bonus, it has a little hood! I love the look of this without the jacket as well, with the simple white tee and the black overalls. It’s so clean and very up to date, especially when including the black velvet choker. The Vans high tops give a very skater vibe, which I love and reminds me of home. One of the reasons I’m obsessed with these overalls is the giant pocket right on the front. It’s so unexpected and is quite a big statement. I would seriously love to wear this running through a corn maze in October on a date. A girl can dream right?

T-Shirt: Nordstrom

Plaid Jacket: Garage

Necklace: Garage (probably?)

Shoes: Black Vans High Tops

Pumpkin Patch Babe




Okay, I take it back. THIS is one of my favorites as well. It’s just so different from things I usually wear. I am absolutely obsessed with sweaters under overalls. It’s so unexpected but it somehow works! I’ve had this sweater for so long, and finally found the perfect use for it. It’s a bit cropped, but I like it in this look more than I like it on its own. I again wore my Vans high tops to give it a very casual, easy look while still being put together. I didn’t accessorize at all because I love how this outfit looks all on its own. It has some very Midwest vibes, while still being very California surf and skate with the shoes. I imagine wearing this on a chilly day and visiting a pumpkin patch with my friend or family. It’s the classic October outing matched with the ideal look! What more could you want??

Sweater: Melrose in the O.C. (?)

Shoes: Vans High Tops

Let’s Go Ghost Hunting




This long sleeve green top is very unique within itself. I’ve never layered it with anything before but I seriously LOVE how it looks under this black denim. It makes the look of these overalls even edgier! The choker and cross sections in the front and even the back all come attached on the shirt. It’s a cool little detail in the back with the crossing of the shirt and the straps of the overalls. Since the top comes with a built in choker, there was no need to add any necklaces. However, I did wear these light brown heeled boots to change it up a bit. I love how they have a cutout at the sides, it goes perfectly with the whole vibe! Anyone wanna catch some ghosts with me in this look?

Green Top: Owl Fish

Shoes: Tilly’s

Netflix, Tea and Candlelight







This is absolutely the perfect outfit for having a night in with your friends (or even for a little date night in, lol). It is such a comfy and cozy look with the pale pink cardigan. It is so freaking soft, I can’t even explain it to you. It is definitely the most feminine look out of the five, but of course still edgy with my addition of the black velvet chocker and the checkered Vans. I wear these specific Vans almost everyday, they’re definitely a staple of mine and so 80’s! Lounge around, grab some peppermint tea, a soft blanket, and throw on some Netflix! (Preferably Friends, or maybe even a scary movie? By the way, I’m waiting for the day “It” comes on Netflix, that movie was AMAZING!)

T-Shirt: Nordstrom

Cardigan: Melrose in the O.C.

Choker: Garage

Shoes: Classic Checkered Vans

So those are my five unique looks to create with a black denim overall dress! Again, I purchased it at Topshop, so look in stores or maybe online if you’d like to get it yourself. It’s one of my go to looks right now and fits this autumnal season to a T! Also, I apologize for the boring background, we haven’t quite gotten to wall decor yet in the apartment. Let me know which one was your favorite and why down below in the comments! Hope you all had a lovely and productive Monday! xx


44 thoughts on “5 Ways to Style a Black Overall Dress for the Fall!

  1. So cute! I love all the different ways you came up with to style this overall dress. Really appreciated your clever captions as well! ^_^ I like the Corn Maze with Bae and the Netflix, Tea and Candlelight!

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  2. Fantastic looks! I’ve been trying to find the perfect overalls lately, but nothing fits in ALL the places haha maybe a dress version would be easier to find the right size. I love the sweater underneath the most (:

    Liked by 1 person

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