Spotify & Hulu Info Every Student Needs to Know About!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to jump on here real quick to let you know of the new Spotify & Hulu deal for students. I know a lot of my readers are college students, so I really wanted to share this information. If you are familiar with Spotify, it is a music app where you can create your own playlists with your favorite music or listen to pre made ones. If you purchase Premium, you eliminate ads and are given unlimited skips. Hulu, to keep it short, is very similar to Netflix. You can watch your favorite shows and movies, including old cartoons you used to love as a kid including Hey Arnold and Drake & Josh! What a throwback!

Those currently enrolled in school that sign up for Spotify student now get Hulu as well! For only $4.99 a month you can get both these amazing services. What else could you need as a student? Great music and the best shows/movies! I personally have been enjoying it so much and its great that these companies choose to support students in this way. We work hard and little deals like this really make things a bit better. I know this all sounded like an ad but it’s definitely not. Just wanted to share this cool bit of information with any of you scholarly people who are eligible to sign up! I’ve included the link below if you’d like to do more research and want to get in on this great deal! Let me know how you guys like it and if you’ve heard about it before this post. Have a great night everyone!

*Update: Just learned this is only available to students in the US!

Spotify & Hulu Student Link


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