Society6 Artwork!

Happy October, loves! Recently I’ve found a great little website that I think you all will really enjoy. As a graphic design major and lover of art, I love any company that appreciates artists and what they do. Society6 is a cool little online shop that allows artists to post their work and turn it into prints, canvases, pillow, mugs, and so much more! I just love the idea that if you create art, there is a platform where you can showcase your work and earn a little bit from it. We live in such an artistic world and I don’t think creative minds are given enough credit. I’ve been thinking about posting some of my work on there myself to see what comes of it. I’ll let you guys know if I create anything new and decide to post it on there!

My mom was actually quite familiar with Society6 before I found it, and she loves their stuff as well. I watch a YouTuber named LindseyRem and she actually has a discount code for Society6, which is simply “lindseyrem.” Click on her name if you’d like to check out her channel, she really lets out great content! Here also is her video made especially in collaboration with Society6. With her great discount code, I purchased a few prints to put on a wall in my apartment. The walls are still pretty bare, so I’m glad I chose a few things. Below are the things I got. Check out the website if you like what I purchased or if you’d like to look around a little more! Also, they are having a 25% off everything sale today, so if you like anything I recommend getting it right away!

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 3.27.17 PM.png

Salt Water Cure ($16.12) 

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 3.29.23 PM.png

Lady Flowers ($11.99) 

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 3.31.04 PM.png

Rabbit Hand Shadow Art

I’m not really sure why I bought this specific combination of pieces, I just think they are all so unique and funky in their own way. I really love how Society6 offers such a variety of art pieces. I guarantee you’ll find something you love. Whether your style is bohemian, modern, or abstract, you’ll definitely find what you need. Another great thing about the site is that you can get the same art pieces in different forms, like tapestries to put on your wall and pillows for your couch. Such a great idea and they’ll prepare and send out everything for the artist. I would love to see how this works when I post my own pieces. Let me know if you’ve bought anything from the site or even if you’ve posted your own artwork! I’d love to know your opinion! xx


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