Blogmas Day 6: My Rose Gold Christmas Room!

Hey my dudes! While in my apartment, I’ve hung a few Christmas wreaths and my roommates and I set up a little tree with adorable pink ornaments. We definitely have the Christmas vibe going, but the last time I went home to Orange County, I can honestly say it looked like Father Christmas threw up all around our house. The holiday season is a big deal in our family (especially because we host Christmas at our house) so the decorations are always poppin’. This year, my room was completely decked out (thanks mom!) and she found some great stuff so I thought I’d share it with you guys!


First off, how cute is this freaking tree?? For years I had a tree just like this but in pink. However, after redecorating and repainting my room, this white tree works much better! It’s so modern looking and I absolutely adore the pink and blue ornaments. I personally think pink and blue compliment each other very nicely and the pink bow at the top ties it together perfectly!


One of my favorite little pieces in this whole scene is the reindeer. Ever since I was little, I loved the thought of flying deers with magnificent antlers and unparalleled grace. This little statue really brings that thought to life with the glitter covered antlers and the rose at its side. I also love the fact that it looks like it’s wrapped in foil. Again, there’s something very modern about that and of course it matches the tree amazingly.


Probably one of the most important aspects of these decorations is the mini sign. It reads “Glory to the newborn King” in glittery calligraphy letters. It really emphasizes the meaning of Christmas amongst the more traditional decor. I love how this could be hung on a wall as well, if you prefer that!


Nutcrackers are an important aspect of our Christmas decorations throughout the house. We have a large nutcracker collection that sits above our fireplace that can be seen in a couple of my Blogmas posts. They are a part of my childhood memories, so I’m so glad we still keep them up. This year, I have a gorgeous gold and pink one that guards my dresser, lol. Near it is also a little gold snowglobe (from 2015?) that shows a little Nativity scene with a gold glittery star on top.



To add some extra touches, I have four little candle holders that look very rustic. Even though they look distressed, they compliment the other contemporary pieces and balance everything out. There are battery powered candles inside so I can switch them on and off whenever I like. However when I’m home, I like leaving one or two on while I sleep. It gives a very cozy and warm vibe to that side of my room.


I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the two cone shaped pillars. I absolutely love these pink and gold glitter decorations! There are even little pearls and sparkles on them that give a very elegant feel. Honestly, I’ve thought about recreating these in a DIY. I’m sure they’re not hard to make, but I’m curious which is cheaper: making them yourself and spending the money on all the parts or simply buying it from the store? Let me know what you think and if you’d like me make a post on that!

I believe everything here is from Michael’s craft store, but if you have any questions on one item specifically, I could definitely find out more details for you! Ask away in the comments down below! Alright that’s it for today, have a great Wednesday everyone!

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