Blogmas Day 10: Strolling Through the Vintage Market!

Hi loves! Today for Blogmas Day 10 I wanted to share with you a new experience I had! I’m not sure how many of you are interested in vintage markets/shopping, but I decided to go to one today for the first time! My mom just started attending one and she asked me to come too. In the past I’ve struggled with the thought of anything vintage or antique simply because I’m a germaphobe and you never know how many people have used that stuff. I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone to see if I could find anything cool. In my post about Julian (read it here), I mentioned how I found A TON of old photographs that I’m literally obsessed with. This vintage market had many similar items, and I actually ended up finding a couple things I love! So here’s a bombardment of photos from our stroll through the vintage market, let me know if you see anything you’d buy yourself!








One of my favorite parts about this market was the amount of old records and radios they had available. I have a small record collection at home, so I enjoyed looking through some of the records. It’s so cool to see antiques like these from a different time. Who knows, maybe one day our computers and iPhones will be considered a thing of the past!


If you’re a photography lover, you would’ve loved this market! I was shocked to see so many film cameras and some of the original Polaroid designs. Some of them also came with a nice camera bag! Wish I could’ve picked one of these up for myself to try out!


This was a great time to go to a vintage market because everything was extremely Christmasy! From scarves, to sweaters, to reindeers and Santas, the vendors had it all! It was actually a great place to find decorations and small items to send to friends and family. The vintage cars were decked out in Christmas wreaths and flowers, which was a really awesome touch.

I ended up buying a bunch of old photographs, like the ones I found in Julian. They are beach themed, which is perfect for me! I also ended up getting a French Nursery book. I don’t know why I love it so much. I suppose its the beautiful illustrations and the French poems. Can’t wait to read some of them to my kids one day! Hope you enjoyed the photos, let me know your thoughts down in the comments! xx

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33 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 10: Strolling Through the Vintage Market!

  1. This market looks awesome! We have similar markets over here in the UK which are cool. I really need to get over to the US. You guys have so much cool stuff going on! Great post 🙂

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