Blogmas Day 14: My Current Workout Routine

Hey everyone! Happy Blogmas Day 14, we are over halfway through it now! That’s seriously crazy. Today I wanted to make a little post about my current workout routine. Because even though we are surrounded by Christmas goodies and feasts, summer is also a short four months away! I really wanted to start working on my summer bod earlier this year. Especially because my college graduation is in four months, your girl wants to look poppin’!

I have been very good about being consistent with the gym lately, which I’m super happy about. I’ve been going religiously every other day and I’d like to start increasing that. So I split my workout into two different sections (as most people do): leg day and arm/abs day! Each day have their own routines so I’ll do one at a time.

Leg Day

I start off every gym session with cardio. I always feel like I get the most out of my cardio workout, and I personally love kicking everything off that way. I’ve been doing at least 30 minutes of cardio, and recently I have been splitting that up into different machines. I will go on the treadmill (mostly running) for about 10-15 minutes and do the remaining time on the elliptical. The other option is to do the StairMaster for 10 minutes and the remaining 20 on the elliptical. The StairMaster seriously kicks my butt so right now I struggle with doing more than 10 minutes. However you choose to complete it, cardio will give you a great start to any workout routine!

For my legs, first I will use some of the machines that are offered at my gym. I love the ones that work out your inner and outer thighs as well as the ones that imitate squats. Some days I will do the leg raise machine with some weight included. The calf raise machine is also a great one. It seems easy but gives a killer burn. I will then go to the second floor of my gym to the yoga room. I do a couple stretches on a mat and then move into floor work. I will do a set of leg raises upwards, to the sides, and with my leg straight out. I’ll also do some squats if I’m feeling that. I change it up quite a bit to keep it interesting, but my legs are usually shaky by the time I’m done with all of this!

Arm/Abs Day

So of course, I will start out with my cardio. I didn’t mention that my gym has a movie room, which is very dark and has many cardio machines including the StairMaster, treadmills, an elliptical, and stationary bikes. I spend most of my cardio time in there watching some action movies! I’ll then move to some arm machines. I usually do the machine where you pull down on however much weight you want (I’ll do 3 reps of 15). I’ll then move on to the machine where you outstretch your arms and bring them in (again, 3 sets of 15). Once in a while I’ll use the simple machine where you push upwards on weight. Lastly, I’ll use the machine where you pull inwards on weight and keep your elbows tight to your body. I’m realizing I’m really bad at describing these machines and photos would probably make it a lot simpler. But I wouldn’t be caught dead taking photos in my gym surrounded by meat heads, lol!

I’ll then move to the yoga room to stretch and work on abs. I really enjoy my ab workouts, as tough as they are for me. I will start on my back and do some leg raises, bringing my knees to my chest, flutter kicks, and crunches. I’ve gotten a lot better at abs since trying out the 500 crunches a week challenge. I also learned a new move in yoga, where you extend one leg and one opposite arm (the other arm supports your neck.) You then bring the extended portions up towards each other. It’s a great variation of a crunch and works out more than just your abs (I’ll do 15 for each side). Some days I will also do a minute plank, Russian twists, and the boat pose.

After all of this, some days I will go sit in the sauna that my gym provides. It feels so amazing after a tough workout and really loosens up your muscles. I hope some of this made sense, and let me know if you guys have any questions down in the comments! Do you have a favorite workout? I’d love to know! I’m still trying to get into the routine of working out regularly, but I’m really enjoying it so far and trying to build myself up to more intense workouts! I feel great, so I don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Talk to you guys tomorrow!

xx Sage

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32 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 14: My Current Workout Routine

  1. I love to add cardio into my strength workouts! I usually do 20-45 mins of cardio (average somewhere around 30 mins a session), mostly stairs and elliptical which are my favorites! I also throw in some row machine and treadmill but those kick my butt and I can rarely do more than 10 mins on either but I push through! I could picture the machines with your descriptions pretty well, I’m also horrible at describing them and I’m pretty lost if they don’t have the name printed on them, lol. I used to use the sauna and hot tub at my old health club, they were amazing after a workout! My current gym has a sauna but I haven’t used it yet, I should because my muscles get so tight, even after stretching. Great post, your workouts sound awesome and pretty intense x

    -Helene |


    1. that’s a great amount of cardio in my opinion! it makes you break a sweat but you’re ready for more! i’ve only tried the rowing machine once but i heard it gives amazing results! it’s a little intimidating for me but i’d love to try it again!

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      1. The rower was verryyy intimidating for me and still kinda is, ‘cause I know I will get tired after like 3 mins and I know I have to constantly be aware of my form or I’ll start slipping and possibly hurt myself but that being said, it is an excellent workout. Legs, arms, back, abs… it will literally make you burn all over after only 10 or 15 mins!

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