Blogmas Day 20: I Made Buddy the Elf’s Breakfast Spaghetti!

Hello lovelies! Boy, do I have a post for you today. As you can tell from the title, I recreated Buddy the Elf’s breakfast/dessert spaghetti! Year after year I have watched this hilarious movie and never thought of trying this insane spaghetti recipe. I’ve seen videos of people doing this same thing on YouTube, but I haven’t seen a WordPress post about it yet, so I thought I’d try it out! If you all have heard of Binging with Babish on YouTube, he inspired me to give it a go, and in honor of him and his awesome channel, I used his same photography/video style. Here is a link to his video, you definitely won’t regret watching it! So grab your chunkiest Christmas sweater and let’s dive into my experience making this breakfast/dessert spaghetti!

Ingredients You Will Need:

Spaghetti (I used angel hair, but you can use whatever you like!)

Green and Red M&M’s

Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts

Mini Marshmallows

Chocolate Syrup

Rainbow Sprinkles

Maple Syrup (but of course!)





Prepping the Spaghetti

Starting off this interesting dish is simply cooking some spaghetti. Since I used angel hair pasta, it only took about 4 minutes to cook (excluding boiling the water, obviously). I made sure to add salt to the water to make it boil faster, and it’s normally something I do when cooking pasta. Once the angel hair was thrown in and stirred around a few times, I strained all the water out of the pasta.



Plating and Topping

Alright, here comes the fun part! Since the only real “cooking” we’re doing in this recipe is making the pasta, the rest will simply be to place all these odd ingredients on top. I started with Buddy’s favorite food group: Syrup! I then went in with the chocolate sauce. Normally when you make pasta, you put the tomato or pesto sauce on first before anything else such as cheese. I took that same approach with Buddy’s dish.




To give a little color, I started with the rainbow sprinkles! This is the one ingredient that really makes the pasta seem more like a dessert!


Next, go in with some mini marshmallows and the red and green M&M’s. You can use any colored M&M’s that you’d like, but I thought the red and green looked especially holiday-esque.



And last but not least, take one Chocolate Fudge Pop Tart and break it into smaller pieces. Sprinkle it across the pasta or place it nicely on the sides. I thought about trying to make this dish look slightly beautiful or at least kind of appetizing, but I really wanted to bring out my inner elf and just go crazy with it. Will Farrell (Buddy the Elf) just goes ham on this dish and throws in ingredients however he wants. buddyspaghetti16.jpg


And there you have it! Buddy the Elf’s (hideous) breakfast/dessert pasta. I’ll be honest I had to taste test it for you guys. Admittedly, this pasta was absolutely awful and I would only recommend making it for experimental purposes or to make the children in your family have a little laugh. It was definitely a fun and easy process and I hope you all enjoyed!




Merry Christmas everyone!

xx Sage

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35 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 20: I Made Buddy the Elf’s Breakfast Spaghetti!

  1. This pasta always honestly looked so good to me, like it would actually taste good even though it looks disgusting! I’ll admit I’m a little scarred since my church youth group once made this, but the pasta was still hot and everyone ended up in the bathroom from it! Happy holidays to you.

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