How to Treat Headaches/Migraines

Hey everyone! I’m happy to say I am finally almost completely healthy. In my last post about my L.A. trip I mentioned how the flu hit me pretty hard. However, I’m back and I wanted to go a little more in depth about something I’ve dealt with for a long time that also relates to health: headaches or migraines. I knew so many people could relate to this topic, and it’s definitely affected my life majorly at some points. I’d like to mention that I’m not a medical professional, but these are steps I’ve taken to relieve my own pain.

My Experience

Throughout my early childhood, I can’t remember a single time when I experienced a headache. I was a very active kid, played soccer for eight years, and was out in the sun it seemed like all day. When I hit my early teen years though, I really started to go through a rough time when it came to migraines. Specifically when I turned 14, I remember it getting really bad. Looking back now, it was definitely because of all the new hormones and simply becoming a teenager (not such a good look). It would usually happen at the end of the day after school or towards the end of a school day. A simple headache that was slightly annoying would turn into having a complete intolerance to light, sound, and at times even my own movement. When it came to migraines, the only thing that helped was trying to sleep in a dark room (more details on this below).

Here’s where it gets bad: at times my migraines would get so unbearable that my body would get a bad case of the shakes. I couldn’t control my whole body and while they weren’t full on spasms, I got extremely shaky and queasy. This queasiness would then lead to a complete upheaval of my stomach. Yes, gross I know but I want to be completely honest in case any of you have gone through this too. I haven’t had one of these episodes in quite some time now. It was 100% just a phase my body was going through. However, usually once a month around the same time I will get a pretty bothersome headache (I think you girls know what I mean by that). But it’s the truth, and I’m sure most women can relate to this.. They aren’t nearly as painful as I’d experienced when I was a girl, but I still take the same steps to treat it. Here’s a list of exactly how I get my headaches to die down:

Place a cold towel on your head and over your eyes
This is one of my favorite tricks. When I personally get a headache, it feels like my brain is pulsating and my entire head feels very warm. Putting something cold on your head (ice packs work very well too) will bring you a lot of relief and make you feel more relaxed.

Sleep in a dark room
As I briefly mentioned above, one of the only things that truly helped my migraines disappear was sleeping it off in a pitch black room. When I was younger, my mom would place me in bed, turn all the lights off and let me sleep. I do that same thing today. As soon as I can, I close my door, place a cold towel on my head and drift off. I will normally wake up in the morning feeling so much better, or at the least with a less horrible headache.

This may be a bit obvious, but I take Advil for my headaches. There are plenty of over the counter medicines out there that do the same job, but Advil has always worked for me. Usually if I catch a headache early enough and take Advil, it doesn’t become a big production and I can control the pain.

You go ahead let your hair down!
Although these may be some cheesy lyrics to an old song, they speak some truth. As simple as it seems, it’s very common for people with heavy hair to get headaches. My sister has beautiful, long, yet very heavy hair. At times when she would wear it in a ponytail for too long, she’d end up with a headache. If you’re one of those people, let those long locks free!

Take a break from technology
I’m not sure what your specific habits with technology are, but I know personally it’s an enormous part of my life. Most of my classes involve sitting and staring a computer screen for multiple hours. That really takes a toll on your brain and your eyes. If I stare at my computer or phone for too long, I end up with a headache. Ask yourself how much you’ve been on the computer today, and it’s probably too much (I’m totally guilty of this, which is why I’m including it). In the case of your eyes, my eye doctor has made it clear that between every 20 minutes you’re on the computer, look away from the screen just for a minute or two. You may save yourself from eye issues and headaches in the future just by doing something so simple!

That’s about it, I hope you guys enjoyed these tips! Headaches are just a part of my life and I’ve learned how to deal with them well. Have any of you gone through similar experience and do you have any good tricks to clear up symptoms? PLEASE let me know down in the comments, I’d love to hear how you deal with it, especially since so many people in the world can relate! Have a great rest of your week!

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30 thoughts on “How to Treat Headaches/Migraines

  1. I’ve been suffering from migraines for quite a few years, but they have gotten much better recently because I figured out what triggers them (strong, chemical-like smells in particular) and did my best to eliminate those triggers from my environment. These are great tips – I really must try the cold towel trick!

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  2. Something else that doesn’t help in the moment, but can help you to not get migraines as frequently is to cut out foods with Tyramine. You can google a list of these foods online and the ones you really want to avoid are in the “high in tyramine” column. Things like nuts, cheeses, pickles, and a lot of other aged foods. I had to go on this particular diet when I was having migraines almost everyday and it really helped lessen the frequency. Hope this helps someone!

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    1. oh wow i have never heard this before! very interesting and i’d love to research that more! thanks for such a helpful tip, i know that could help so many people! i wonder why people don’t talk about this more??

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  3. I get migraines where I get like sun spots. I can’t see very well. That part lasts about 10 minutes. And then my head will just pound. I’ve actually been sick to my stomach and makes me throw up. But I normally take medicine and try to rest my eyes or sleep. When I was pregnant with Atticus, I had a migraine so bad that my right hand and right side of my face got pins and needles. I went to the er and they told me that that’s actually a symptom of migraines. I was also dehydrated. It was horrible. But they gave me Benadryl and it helped a lot. Idk how that fixes it but they said that it would help. Such a scary experience. I’ve noticed now, that I usually get them when it starts spring and starts fall.

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    1. that sounds like such an intense experience, i’m so sorry you went through that. but it sounds like you gained a ton of knowledge and are able to help others which is awesome! those symptoms would really scare me


      1. It was terrifying. I had no idea. I was by myself and called my mom crying. I’ve since had that happen again but not to that degree. I drink 64 oz or more of water a day. I really make it an effort to stay hydrated. I am so much healthier now so I think that makes a huge difference.

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  4. Just read this post and I really relate. I suffer quite badly and can’t ever sleep with a bad headache. I also have been stuck with it for almost 20 years now. Even though it’s not nice, it’s really relieving reading your post to know it’s not just me! Thanks x

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  5. Migraineur here also and I’m finding water helps. I have chronic daily migraines and they are hell to live with. Invisible pain is the worst to explain and be taken seriously. Your article is well-written and helpful. Thanks for sharing. Deb 🙂

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    1. water is definitely a huge help! i’m so sorry you’re dealing with this on a daily basis. it truly is one of the worst pains and hard to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced a sever migraine. thanks so much for your input! xx

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