Self Care: Essential Oils, Journaling, and More!


Hello everyone! Thought I’d write up a blog post on this rainy March night. It’s really coming down tonight and inspires me to write down some ideas about self care. Through all the stress of wrapping up school lately, taking care of myself has definitely taken a back seat. Sharing some of the best ways to practice good self care is something I hope will be helpful to you guys and an important reminder to myself.

Essential Oils
I’ve known about essential oils for a while now, but just recently got an essential oil diffuser last Christmas. I know they are meant to be very helpful when applied to your wrists and various parts of your body, but I didn’t know just how effective they would be when diffused! When I got the flu a couple times this season, I put the Eucalyptus oil in the diffuser, and it really helps clear up your sinuses. I used it every night and even the calming sounds of the water were very relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, I use the Lavender scent whenever I can’t sleep. This oil seriously knocks you out and puts you in a drowsy state (which is great for insomnia, in my experience!) I love how these scents fill my room and they’re much less overwhelming than candles. As much as I love candles, most of them tend to make me sneeze and the essential oils have not been giving that effect.

When I was a kid, I would write in a journal consistently for a while and then completely forget about it. I have a few entries from when I was around 9 years old and it’s hilarious and kind of sweet to look back on. This year, when I was having a bit of a hard time, I started a journal back up again. It’s a great way to declutter your mind; all your thoughts move from your brain to the paper, and then you can forget about them! I don’t write every single night, but when I especially want to take care of myself mentally. I use it as a stream of consciousness (if you’re unfamiliar with this term, it means jotting down whatever pops into your head. They can be completely random thoughts about one topic or one hundred) and I find it very therapeutic. It may be a fun thing to look back on when I’m even older as well.

Take a Bath
Okay, throughout the years I’ve gotten tons of opinions on taking a bath. Some people are absolutely repulsed and others find it stress relieving, like me. There’s something about being immersed in water that is very calming, like it’s draining all the stress from your body. I will also through in some Epsom salt to make it smell extra good and clean. I will normally throw on a playlist or some YouTube, light a candle, and just relax. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Allow Yourself to be Pampered
This kind of goes along with the whole bath deal. Sometimes it’s okay to make yourself a priority. I love to pamper myself by doing a face mask, painting my nails, whitening my teeth, and other things along those lines. It makes me feel very put together and like I’m ready to conquer the world. It’s the little things, ya know?

This one goes out to all my WordPress/blog friends! I don’t know about you guys, but blogging is very therapeutic for me, especially with wordy posts like this one. The fact that I can write whatever I please, post it to people all over the world, and receive feedback is something I find so much happiness in. I love hearing the perspectives of others and connecting with kind people, even if we’re thousands of miles away. Blogging is something I do as a personal hobby, and it really takes me away from the stresses of school and other responsibilities (at least for a little bit, lol).

What do you like to do to destress/practice self care? I’d love to find some new ideas, and I’m sure others would love to know down in the comments! Talk to you all soon! 


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32 thoughts on “Self Care: Essential Oils, Journaling, and More!

    1. there are some scents that will have a calming effect. each oil does something different, and i’m honestly not educated enough on all of them to recommend one specifically for calmness. you could definitely look it up though!💕

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  1. I personally love baths as a way to relax but if I’m particularly sweaty then I will shower first as the idea of sitting in particularly dirty water for about 10-20 minutes doesn’t sound too appealing! I’ve read lots of posts about the benefits of essential oils so will have to try them myself. xx

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    1. i definitely think it’s worth it, especially if you like going the natural route. I personally think essential oils do great things for your health while candles are simply for our enjoyment. maybe just try one type of oil for calmness or sickness and see how you like it before you buy more! xx

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  2. I love Epsom salts in a bath as they have healing properties for tires muscles. In the winter, they help alleviate tension and pain that I build up. I also live my diffuser! I feel like I need one for every room. All such great self care options.

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  3. I love to write when I’m feeling stressed 🙌🏻 a good bath with some youtube to watch is always nice! & you’ve totally inspired me to get some new essential oils for my diffuser! love this, self care is so important!!

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  4. Hey! You should have a look at my blog… I’ve just started using young living essential Oils, this company is fab and I’m learning so much! There is so much to learn it’s like a part time job! I do love to learn though. I recently got a premium starter kit which has a diffuser and 12 oils and samples… I’m in the UK and paid £135 and its a bargain! The oils are such good quality (and because of this they are pretty expensive) 1/2 drops each use is all you need so they will last forever! (almost)
    If you want more information message me at or
    Alex 🙂


  5. I am one of those people that just don’t like baths. I much prefer a quick shower and a nice cosy evening with a good book, some fuzzy socks and calming music afterwards.
    I totally agree with you on the journaling thing, although for me it is much more about self-reflecting. I usually ask myself an important question and write down everything that comes to my mind about that certain topic.
    Lot’s of Love Jule

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      1. Did you know that an essential oil can be labeled as 100% pure even if the bottle contains more than actual essential oils ? That’s why those EO’s on store shelves are so cheap because they truly are not pure ! It’s so crazy and sad that people get ripped off from the true amazing things EO’s can do !! I hope that’s not the case for you because I’ve never been there and seen their bottles ! But please please please be careful of what you are using because there are a lot that can be not-so-good for you !

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      2. good to know. Sprout’s is one of the healthiest stores you can shop at (which is why their products are so expensive). luckily i don’t use essential oils on a daily basis so I think I should be okay. thank you for the info!

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      3. That’s good to hear !! Although , the more you use the EO’s , the more you get out of them !! So if you use them more often , you’ll get more benefits from them in the long haul ☺️

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