Pet Peeves: San Diego Edition!

What’s up, homies? Wow, what a throwback to Clueless! I probably should be doing homework right now, but honestly I’d way rather be blogging. So I thought I’d write out a short, fun post for you guys. I’ve written about pet peeves before, and they usually get a hilarious response in the comments, so tonight’s pet peeve post will be inspired by good ol’ San Diego. You all know how much I love this city and how blessed I am to go to school here, but like any other place, it comes with some downsides.

Traffic: Alright I’m going to be super honest with this one. Everyone assumes L.A. is the absolute worst city in California when it comes to traffic. But let me tell ya, San Diego is no better. I still have to plan my days around hours with the most traffic. I’m not sure if the entirety of San Diego experiences this; maybe because I’m so close to downtown? Nevertheless, it’s taken me 30-45 minutes to drive a mile or two down the main road I live on. It’s not something I expected from this city, but it always seems to be alive and bustling. Honestly this baboon is me right now thinking of San Diego traffic, lol.

Freeways & bad drivers: Another pet peeve about driving, yes! San Diego has so many freeways with overpasses that criss cross each other. It’s very easy to get confused or take a wrong turn. I did that today actually! I personally have a very hard time with directions, so maybe it’s just me? I won’t get too harsh with this next one, but sometimes San Diego drivers make me want to tear my hair out. I’ve been to Los Angeles countless times and never seen as bad of drivers like I have in S.D. I’ve been rear ended and almost in plenty of other accidents, and I consider myself a very safe driver.

Apartment Hunting: Before my roommates and I had found an apartment, we were searching for so long with very little results. Finding a decently priced apartment for a few college kids in a fairly safe location seemed impossible. There’s a small bundle of them out there, but its extremely difficult to find them (at least in my experience). I never realized how expensive it actually is to live here until I took a math class that involved finances and applying what we learned to real life. Living here in general has also taught me that. Working and living within your means can be tough, but San Diego sure is beautiful and may be well worth it!

Living Near Military Bases: This isn’t so much a pet peeve as it is simply some of my thoughts. San Diego is located between a couple military bases. One is called Camp Pendleton and the other is right next to downtown where giant Navy ships are held (I’m not sure if this is considered an actual base or just a military area). My point is, San Diego is very involved with the Navy and military in general. I respect the men and women in the service so much and they sacrifice their lives on a day to day basis to protect this country. However, it was always a little off putting when I was growing up and their bomb practice would shake our house. The same goes for San Diego: having a lot of military action surrounding your city can be a bit frightening; you never know what could happen. Again, I do respect our military, but I wonder what it’s like to live somewhere and not hear our military preparing for violence and war. I hope that makes sense.

Those were some of my minute pet peeves involving San Diego. It truly is a beautiful city and I wouldn’t let any of these things stop you from visiting or allowing it to be a potential home for you. But sometimes those drivers man, they play with my emotions! Lol, I’ll talk to you guys in the next post, have a great night!


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  1. March 13, 2018 / 8:30 pm

    I don’t know much about San Diego but I do know how bad the traffic is 😱

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