Dark Glam Coachella Look!

Hello, lovelies! I’m coming at you with another makeup look, this one specifically geared toward COACHELLA! Are any of you attending the festival this year? I’ve actually never been, but I’d love to go within the next few years. Coachella season is super fun, even if you aren’t actually going. I love the makeup tutorials and fashion videos that creators post on YouTube that are Coachella themed, so I thought I’d create a look myself this year! Of course, being me, I went a little dark and vampy. So if you’re into that, keep on reading!


So this makeup look actually started off with me experimenting with a new foundation. I rarely ever buy or even wear full coverage foundation, but I’ve been dying to try out the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation. I’d love to do a whole separate post on it because guys…it’s freaking incredible. Of course I then whipped out an eyeshadow palette and the look was built from there. Here are some themes I was going for with this look: dewey, glowy, glam, bronzed, and witchy with a little desert vibe. This made sense in my head…let me know if you understood any of that, LOL.



As you can tell, I went extremely heavy with the highlighter and glitter shadow. I really wanted to do a sparkle/jewel freckles look, but I didn’t have any of those materials. So I opted for the next best thing: glittery eyeshadow on the cheeks, horizontally across the nose, on specific points of the eyelids, and even on the center of the lips (by the way, I’m wearing a Kylie lip kit in “Gorg”). I never do an ultra highlighted look, so this was super fun to create! For this, I used a combination of the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop highlighter and a Colour Pop shadow in Birthday Girl. 



Zooming in specifically on the eyes, I used the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I made sure to use the lighter shades toward my brow bone and the second to darkest shade on the majority of my lid. I placed the Champagne Pop highlighter on the center of my lid and lower lash line. I also dabbed it in my inner corner, directly under the wing of my liquid liner, and under the arch of my brow. With this look, the more highlighter, the better!



As I mentioned before, I really wanted this look to emanate a day out in the sun and very bronzed. So of course, I used the Benefit Hoola Bronzer along the usual cheek area, as well as my jaw line, temples, and sides of my forehead. I also used a bit of rosy blush from BareMinerals (I’ve had it forever, so I’m not sure of the name). Combined with the Colour Pop eyeshadow on my cheeks, this left a very sun kissed, almost sunburnt look (which, if you’re going to Coachella, you’re more than likely to get a sunburn). Growing up in Southern California, I spend the majority of my summers sunburnt, so I’ve gotten used to the look, LOL.

After throwing a couple braids in my hair and some bohemian inspired jewelry, I’ve completed my dark Coachella look! Let me know if you like it down in the comments below! Also if you’d like specifics on any of the products I used, don’t be afraid to ask!

*Also, just thought I’d throw this out there, I know the lipstick application on my bottom lip looks a little wonky. Sometimes we get breakouts in the worst places and it messes with our fabulous lip colors. But hey, smile through it right?


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