Follow My New Twitter!

Hello, loves! Just a quick little PSA for today. I created a Twitter for this blog! I know I probably should have been keeping up with one for years now, but I simply never got into it. The first year I had this blog (and when it was under a different domain name) I tried creating one, but never stuck to it. I’d really like to be consistent this time and see what the Twitter hype is all about! So let’s connect and follow me on Twitter! My username is @sageoliviablog and I’ll be following everyone back!

I will also be posting all of my new blog posts to Twitter, so you can keep up with me that way if you do not have the WordPress app on your phone. I’d also like it to be a platform where I can post about my personal life. Where I’m going, what I’m doing after college, how I’m feeling, advice, opinions, all that good stuff! Hop on over to Twitter and give me a follow! Thanks everyone, hope you are all having a lovely day!


Let’s hang, babes! Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter


15 thoughts on “Follow My New Twitter!

  1. Hi Sage! I started my Twitter account recently too. Just followed you there. My user name is @DianaPCcrafts. I’m still pretty new at Twitter, I have to get used to it!

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