Thoughts for the Future + Ramblings

Hello lovelies! I was thinking to myself, “When was the last time I simply sat and chatted to my readers?” I’ve been doing so many highly edited posts with perfected photos and trying to plan out every word of every sentence. Of course, I always speak from my heart but if you’ve read my latest travel posts, every paragraph has a specific theme and is planned out. Anyways, I’m not sure if you guys like these life update/wordy sort of posts, but I thought I’d write one tonight. It’s very therapeutic for me and as always, one of my favorite things is reading your responses.

So what’s up with me lately?

Well, currently I’m laying in my bed with extremely sore feet. I’ve been back at my retail job for the last five days relearning the register and selling to customers. I feel very lucky to have a job at such a nice department store that has a reputation for being so good to their customers and employees. After I graduated, I gave myself a little break to just unwind from the 16 years of schooling I had just endured. I was waiting to take our Europe trip and didn’t have much planned for that first month. That was when I realized I am a creature of habit and someone that wants to always feel productive and useful. Not having homework or a job in the back of my mind was a very weird feeling…it was something I didn’t like. So being back at my job has helped with that a bit, making me feel like I’m working hard for savings that could benefit my future.

What does my future look like?

Honestly, I’ve been asking myself this question a lot. I’m an extremely passionate person when it comes to things and people that I adore. I’m ready to dive into something big when it comes to my career. I have all this bottled up energy that I just want to put into something I love. Has anyone else felt like this after college? I finally have the chance to chose a path I’m obsessed with while not having to worry about going back for another semester. I’ve never had the chance to stick with a job longer than a few months, since during my years at school I was fully dedicated to that. I also know I love fashion, beauty, and this blog with all my heart. Social media and learning how it all works is slowly becoming a new interest of mine and something I wish I would’ve studied in school. Searching for something that fits me has been hard, but I know when I find it, I’ll be the best at it and completely dedicated. Patience when it comes to this kind of thing is not something I was blessed with. Hoping it all comes together soon…

Where is my future home?

Ever since I can remember, Los Angeles has had my full attention. Growing up in south Orange County was a dream and I’ll always come back to this place. I spent my childhood on the beach, in the surf, and went to the most prestigious schools. I’ve been blessed in that aspect without a doubt. Having a mother from L.A. I also grew up taking frequent trips to the city, which carried over into my college life with my repeated trips there with my classmates and professors. I love it to say the least. It’s somewhere I can see myself without quite knowing why. Have you ever felt drawn to a place? Like something was pushing you there or gravity was pulling you in that single, solitary direction? People ask me constantly, “Sage, why would you ever want to go to a city that is so congested and with so much traffic?” I never quite have an answer for them. I also don’t see traffic as a valid reason to not move somewhere, to be blunt. Anyways, my hope for the next year and a half is to create a solid plan, which will hopefully involve L.A. and finding a place for me there (with a job or grad school included).

My message for this post is: I don’t have it all together, and I’m not sure many college graduates do within the first couple months of graduating. And if they do, that’s amazing! But for me, I’m still looking for my place. I know I have so much passion for what I love, its just finding a career in which to put all that energy and happiness. I have faith that it will come soon, as long as I keep on this hustle! I’ve loved coming home from my 8 and a half hour shifts and blogging. It honestly has been keeping me sane and reading your comments is a highlight of my day. So please, let’s keep the chat going! Thank you for allowing me to rant, I’ll talk to you all soon for another Travel Journal post in the near future!

What are your big plans for the future? And what advice do you have for any recent college grads regarding job searches, finding a career path, and networking? I’d genuinely love to know down in the comments!


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29 thoughts on “Thoughts for the Future + Ramblings

  1. I’m nearing the ending of my schooling. My last semester is this fall. It’s so surreal. I didn’t think I was going to get here. My big plans for the future is to become a teacher. That’s what I’ve been going to school for. I know I want to do more but I don’t know. Since starting my blog I feel like my calling has changed. I still want to teach but I want to also teach about fitness. I feel like this is a dilemma but I’m not sure. I haven’t graduated yet so I can’t give any advice to future graduates. When I do I would love to give advice.

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    1. I had a friend who went into teaching at the same time I did. She was absolutely amazing at it, but she burned out after the fourth year. She then went into fitness instruction and has been happy ever since. I think your heart decide and if not there’s no harm in exploring all your options. Good luck!

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      1. I feel like that’s going to be my fate. I already feel burned out and I haven’t really started. I’ve been working for the school system or with children for 5 years now. I love it but don’t get me wrong but I also love fitness instruction as well. I feel like maybe I should teach for the next few years and then start fitness instruction or something. Who knows.

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      2. i definitely think it’s good have something solid that can support you. but I love the fact that you have other dreams that you want to accomplish. maybe taking small steps toward fitness instruction would be exciting and motivating for you!

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    2. that’s amazing. once i started blogging, i felt my calling changing as well. if i didn’t have a blog or get involved with social media, i’d probably just become a full time graphic designer. which isn’t a bad job to have whatsoever, i just feel passionate about other things as well!


  2. I love your writing style and how honest this post is – thank you so much for sharing. I’m finishing uni soon and I’m launching my freelance career in writing and photography – I’m super excited but also super nervous! It’s definitely liberating and I’m so grateful that I’m able to pursue what I love. Now to go opportunity hunting!

    Sending you good vibes!

    Nati x | | @NAfterCoffee

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  3. I am in the same situation as you where I need to start looking for a full-time, permanent job but I am unsure about where I want to work as of yet. I’m using the fact I haven’t officially graduated yet as an excuse for not applying for jobs (the ceremony is in July) but really I should probably start filling out application forms. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! xx

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    1. congrats on your soon to be graduation! i definitely wish i would’ve started applying earlier. I was just so caught up in finishing school and taking my final exams that applying got put on the back burner. if i could go back i’d definitely search harder for a job! thanks for your comment love! xx

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  4. I used to envy all the people I went to school with that knew what they wanted to study or what they wanted to get a job doing. I was always very focused on my work but there wasn’t an area that stood out to me. I studied for a year after finishing high school and graduated with good marks which I’m proud of. I spent the next 18 months looking for a job but I have been working ever since I found one. I’ve learnt it’s ok if you don’t know what you want to do right now today, make sensible choices and try things but most importantly, be happy! 🙂

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    1. this is super great advice. I feel very lucky to have gone into college knowing what i wanted to major in and also graduating with good grades. i know searching for a true career will take time, thank you again for your comment! xx

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      1. No worries. Not exactly. We don’t have highschool. We have schools that go up to grade 11 then we move on to A-levels (basically junior and senior for american school system) then uni (as in college). Hope that helps?

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  5. Soon after I finih my college, I ended up taking the job in my stream..I studied automobile engg and ended up job at mahindra..worked for 5 years..but that i when i realized something is not ok…what is my passion and where i am?… I figured out my passion towards graphic design quitted my decent earning jobs and started my studu towards my graphic design journey..Now i feel more happy than before even though i am jobless now…so my short term plan is study and explore multiple aspects of graphic design and get a decent job and long term goal is to build my design studio…Long way to go !! only point of advice or rather lets say from my own experiance is that Do what you love to do !


    1. i totally agree! getting my degree in graphic design has helped me in multiple aspects of my life. I learned the adobe creative suite in college and it’s really contributed a lot to my blog and my understanding of art and design in the modern world.

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  6. “I don’t have it all together, and I’m not sure many college graduates do within the first couple months of graduating.”

    Eight years later and I’m still trying to figure out what it means to have it all together!

    Nice thoughts 🙂

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