Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog!

Hello, friends! Were any of you obsessed with reading when you were kids? When I was young, I would sit for hours at a time reading books. My favorite season for reading was in the summertime, when I could sit in the sun and read about mermaids or other fictional characters. As the years have gone by, reading has moved from printed books to a bright computer screen. While I prefer a good book in my hands, blogging has transformed the way we read and the way we take in information. It has shaped a new future and brought together people who would otherwise never meet or connect. How incredible is that?? For today’s post, I thought I’d talk a bit about blogging and why you should start one! If you’ve thought about starting a blog, this is the post for you!


Building a Community

Personally, my favorite part of blogging has been meeting other bloggers. I never imagined I would meet so many people that have the exact same interests as me. A lot of them are located halfway around the world! Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle have connected us all. The WordPress platform and community has been so welcoming through the years and I continue to be introduced to kind people everyday. I’ve only ever received positive feedback and advice on my posts and that has truly been a blessing. The internet can be a dark and negative place sometimes but I’ve only seen light from WordPress and all my virtual friends on here. Blogging really does give you the opportunity to open up about what you love and speak to people who feel the same way.

Getting Creative (The Process)

I first started my blog four years ago, before I went off to college. However, I didn’t get serious about it until last summer. I began reaching out more to other bloggers and simply being more active on WordPress. I never in my wildest dreams realized how much work went into posting on a blog. One post can take a couple days or at the least one day. Photography is the first major step I take when posting. This probably takes the most time when it comes to a single post. After that comes the photo editing, which again takes a decent amount of time. Then comes the writing and organizing it in a way that makes sense. Then finally adding your photos and posting! Depending on how busy I am on a given day, I will split up the photography process and the writing process. Although it is a lot of work, I always feel so creative and I get so excited for a post to go up. If you’re a creative person, blogging covers it all and would be an amazing outlet for you!

Benefits to your Career!

This is something I never thought would come out of blogging: it was a great asset to my résumé! I included my blog in my Graphic Design portfolio and it was something that was so unique and different. It helped me to stand out among the crowd. When it came to job interviews, I was asked about it which gave me a chance to explain my experience in photography, photo editing, and writing. I never thought blogging would help hone my skills in so many different areas of creativity. The fact that blogging helps you network as well is very beneficial to any company. Networking is one of the hardest things to do in any scenario, and the fact that blogging opens you up to that world is truly valuable. Don’t underestimate the small things that blogging can do for you!

I hope this post helps you make some decisions regarding blogging if you’ve been on the fence! It has added so much to my life and allows me to explore my creativity everyday. Not to mention, reading your comments is one of the happiest points of my day! I take your feedback seriously and appreciate it so much! Let me know if you have any other questions about blogging or my personal experience with it. Talk to all in the next post!


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11 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog!

  1. I’m starting a blog of my own! I’m kind of surprised you said that having a blog helps you career-wise, but it’s good to know! Thank you for the advice! 🙂

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