Londontown: New Nail Shades to Brighten Your Summer Vibe!

Hello everyone! I’m back again with a new product I think you’ll really love. For a while now, I’ve been a bit bummed with how my nails have looked. When they’re painted and kept up, it makes me feel just a little more put together. Does anyone feel that after they get their nails done? Within the past couple years, I’ve really enjoyed my time in a salon or simply sitting in my room making my nails look a bit nicer. It’s a very simple way to pamper yourself during stressful times and leaves you feeling way more colorful and happy. I’ve teamed up with Londontown USA nail polish to bring you today’s post! Keep reading to see a few items they sent me and some new colors I’m obsessed with!



I honestly don’t know how Londontown guessed some of my favorite colors, but I absolutely love the shades they sent! I normally go for very neutral shades that aren’t too extreme. I love grays, light pinks, white, shades of blue, and honestly straight up black. The four tones are absolutely gorgeous but before I get more into that we have to discuss one thing: PACKAGING! Were you surprised? The packaging for Londontown is such high quality, I was so incredibly impressed! Not only because the boxes were designed with clean black and white print, but the materials to make the boxes were so nice. You could tell they spent a lot of time on logo design and choosing materials. As always, I appreciate that so much and it says so much about a company. They also included a hand written note, which was so kind and thoughtful towards the bloggers they work with. Thanks Londontown!



One concern I had was that the lacquer seemed a little thin when it came to the lighter shades. I was happy to see though, that with one swipe the color was extremely pigmented and applied beautifully. For example, light peach shades (like the one they sent) are normally very thin and require a few coats. This shade from Londontown however, applied in a much thicker consistency than I expected! The polish overall is very high quality and something I will go back to if I’m looking for new colors.



I ended up going to the nail salon about a week ago to get some acrylic nails. I normally get gel polish since it lasts so long, but Londontown polish is not gel. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised a week later to see that the polish has stayed relatively fresh and new. Even though work, the polish has looked great and I’ve been loving the light purple tone. I’m wearing the shade “Briolette” on my nails in these photos. The gray shade is actually a shimmery shade called “Opal” and has a very pearly sheen to it; can’t wait to use this one! Thirdly, “Peach Pop” is pretty self explanatory: a light pink and very feminine. A very vibrant pink shade was also in the package and is called “Summer Fling,” what a cute name!

They also sent over a few surprises: the Londontown Protective Top Coat, Nourishing Cuticle Oil, and a Nail Hardener & Base Coat. I tried a couple of these out and noticed they really helped keep the strength of the polish. In their note they mentioned that their polishes are infused with botanicals and with these few products mentioned above, the color will stay on for a full week, chip free! How bomb is that?!


Londontown has been featured in tons of amazing magazines for their impressive products including InStyle, Elle, People, Cosmo, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and more! It was a pleasure getting to try out their products and I hope purchase some new colors in the future! They have a huge selection online, so be sure to check out the link in my first paragraph.

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it revealed some fun new products for you to try out! Let me know what you think of these cute colors and if you’ve ever tried out these polishes before. I’d love to know your opinion down in the comments! Talk to you guys soon and be sure to follow me on my other socials for extra content! Love you all! xx


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16 thoughts on “Londontown: New Nail Shades to Brighten Your Summer Vibe!

  1. I definitely feel more put-together when my nails are painted but unfortunately that is not often as I cannot wear nail polish for infection reasons at my job. I love light pinks and beiges. xx

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