My Fall 2018 Bucketlist (Things to do During Autumn)

Hey everyone! I seriously can’t believe it’s already October! Time seems to be flying quicker and quicker each month but October is such a busy and exciting one. Personally, even though I’m so bummed summer is over, I really enjoy the cooler days and all the fall festivities. Even though I live in a place that never gets extremely chilly, we have a few fun traditions that I look forward to every year. Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday (I mentioned this in my 10 random facts about me on Instagram) and I love every spooky movie or T.V. show. So for today’s post I thought I’d put together a fall inspired activities list, including things I’ve done every year and new things I want to try!


Traditions Never Die

Let’s start out with some things I’ll definitely be doing to kick off the fall season! These have been some of my favorite things to do even as a kid.

  1. Pumpkin carving (my artsy self loves to go all out with pumpkin designs)
  2. Looking for/putting together a Halloween costume
  3. Falling asleep to the rain (when we actually get rain)
  4. Going to see a movie on a rainy night
  5. Going to a pumpkin patch
  6. Walking through a corn maze
  7. Visiting Julian (near San Diego county)
  8. Decorating the house/my room for fall
  9. Watching psychological thrillers/classic Halloween movies (for example one of my favorites, Nightmare Before Christmas)
  10. Go to Knott’s Scary Farm to get a good spook
  11. Watching (and re watching) classic Halloween T.V. episodes from my childhood
  12. Driving through Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte (yes, I do actually really enjoy a PSL once in a while, LOL)
  13. Making a cup of tea or hot chocolate and snuggling up on the couch with a large blanket on a cold/rainy night
  14. Eating too many Kit Kats
  15. Breaking out some Halloween inspired playlists (which always include Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Rihanna’s “Disturbia”, and Shakira’s “She Wolf”)
  16. Layering fall outfits with knee high boots, long coats, and scarves
  17. Watching fall inspired YouTube videos (especially spooky story times)
  18. Going to the beach on a stormy evening. A choppy and dark sea is actually very beautiful even though it’s very cold.


Trying Something New!

  1. Bake a pie! I absolutely love apple and pumpkin pies (especially around Thanksgiving) but I’ve never attempted to make one before. I’d love to do more baking in general during the holidays!
  2. Try making a homemade pumpkin spice drink
  3. Make a bullet journal
  4. Create some fall inspired videos for YouTube/the blog!
  5. Visit Solvang (a Danish town in California)
  6. Read some Edgar Allen Poe to get in the Halloween mood


I need more new fall activities on my bucket list! Let me know down in the comments if you have any unique traditions you think I should try. I’m always up for something new! Hope this post gave you some good ideas, new autumn posts coming very soon to the blog! Talk to you soon xx


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22 thoughts on “My Fall 2018 Bucketlist (Things to do During Autumn)

  1. Girl, Halloween is my favorite holiday as well. And, I love how you broke it up with your traditional and new things to try. Also, I’ve never been to Julian, and I wanted to go during this month, but my boyfriend and I couldn’t, so we’ve booked for December. I’m really excited, but I really wanted to enjoy the Haunted festival up there this month. Also, do you have any recommendations for things to do up there?

    Natalie |

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    1. thank you! I’m sure Julian is so beautiful during Christmastime, but I’ve only ever been during the fall! Honestly I love just walking around Julian and exploring. It’s such a small town so it doesn’t take too long. I always stop at Mom’s pies in town and there’s a place to do apple picking, although it’s a bit tricky to find. I’d definitely recommend that in particular! Also there’s usually a pumpkin patch/corn maze on the way up, just keep your eye out for it! xx

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  2. I think it’s so cool you made a section for traditions and then push yourself to try new stuff! I’m with you on pie making. It’s like..I see a perfect yummy one sitting in a store and I go ‘I could totally make that’ and then I always put off trying because I get way too intimidated! xD

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  3. These are all such good things to put on your Autumn Bucket List! I remember carving pumpkins as a kid and struggling to scoop the insides out – I wish they would sell them pre-scooped. You should definitely try to make pumpkin spiced muffins if you like the lattes. xx

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    1. tbh i still hate scooping out the guts! lol that’s actually a super good idea for a business to have them pre scooped..bummer for the person that has to do that tho hahaha! and wow pumpkin spice muffins sounds SO bomb!

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