How to KILL IT Wearing Doc Martens: Three Ways to Style Them (Collab with Mademoiselle O'Lantern)

Hello loves! How are you all doing?? I hope very well! Today’s post is in collaboration with the lovely Joy from Mademoiselle O’Lantern. From fashion, to beauty, to monthly favorites, Joy has plenty of amazing content that I guarantee you will love.  We both have been wanting to post about our love of Doc Martens, specifically how we personally style them. Check out how Joy styled her Docs here! Every person is so unique in their own individual vibe, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what Joy puts together! I think it will be very cool for you guys to jump between our two blogs and see the differences and similarities between our looks. On that note, let’s begin with the few outfits I’ve put together, specifically styled for black Doc Martens.

On the MET Steps (Or Pretending I’m Headed There, Anyway)

Not going to lie to you guys, I’m kind of okay with this cold weather if I had an outfit like this to wear everyday. It’s been a bit difficult to find the right outfits to bundle up in because I honestly don’t own a lot of clothing for the rain/wind. However, I’ve found that Doc Martens and layering sweaters under denim jackets has helped a lot with the frequent rainstorms. While I was up in Los Angeles the other day, the clouds decided to pour every last raindrop onto the city in sheets, and I desperately regret not having my Docs in such weather.



I think the color scheme is my favorite part of this outfit. I’ve been very into the nude/camel tones lately when it comes to sweaters. The specific one I’m wearing has buttons down the front and it can either be tucked into jeans or tied up in the front. It’s a very versatile sweater and I love the way it looks with my light wash denim jacket from Topshop. I’ve also thrown a chunky scarf over the jacket. This thing can quite literally be mistaken for a blanket when unfolded, but it sure does keep you warm and bundled up. I bought this for a Boston trip a few years ago and I’m still loving the pattern today (mostly because I love any clothing item that’s black, but that’s besides the point).



I, of course, wore dark denim distressed pants. I prefer the dark denim to blue denim when I have this specific jacket on. It overall creates a better look in my opinion but hey, if you’re feeling very 90’s then you go for that denim on denim! Then I threw on my Docs, which brings such a cool and edgy vibe to this entire outfit. They really bring it full circle and are perfect with the jeans.


Who Says Gym Attire Can’t Be Worn With Docs??

So a little back story for you. When I was a kid I owned a pair of black floral Docs. I wore them a ton and scuffed them up. Of course I grew out of them a bit, but now they are considered a bit “vintage” if you will. Vintage in the sense that my younger sister has now taken the shoes and considers them in style again! It’s so crazy to me how styles go in out of fashion so quickly. Docs of course have been a staple in fashion for countless years, but it was fun to see my old shoes become cool again. This style has definitely come full circle for me as well, since I’ve bought a new pair that represents my current style a bit better.


What’s different about my new pair compared to the last is the material. These black Docs seem to have a much lighter, more flexible material than styles the company has released previously. I personally think they are much more comfortable and break in with tons more ease than before. (Docs have a reputation for being hard to break in). With that being said, I tried wearing them with some of my comfiest pieces (that being my LuLu Lemon yoga pants and a cropped sweatshirt). Since I’ve been spending so much time on my blog lately I’ve been LIVING in yoga pants, sweatshirts, and gym attire. If I have to run a quick errand on a busy day, I want to be as comfortable as possible while still looking as if I put effort into my outfit. Throwing on your favorite yoga pants and a big sweatshirt with these docs is one of the best ways to go!


As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I’ve really been loving the athleisure looks recently.  I believe Docs can totally be incorporated into this trend. Not only is it versatile for running errands and heading straight to the gym, but you look really freaking cool while doing all of your day to day activities! Am I right??


Rain, Rain, Go Away! (Until I Get My Docs, At Least)

This is probably the edgiest look out of all three outfits, and I’m not mad about it! You guys have seen these pants on the blog (and Instagram), but I’m shocked at how well they paired with my Doc Martens! These striped pants are not form fitting at all but do cinch at the waist, which help give your figure some sort of shape. They are cuffed at the bottom, making them the perfect length for throwing on some Docs! I loved wearing these pants for work but I’m obsessed with how they transform when worn with thick black boots. It shows you how much a pair of shoes can do for a look!



I wanted the top portion of this outfit to mirror the black color of the boots, so I threw on a black cropped t-shirt. It is cut in a very specific way so the front of it ties up. This top is such a perfect basic and falls right where the pants end on your waist. I would love to wear this outfit again because I really do love it’s tough (yet somehow girly?) vibe.



Of course, since it was extremely cold the day of this shoot, I had to throw on a long jacket. I specifically love the color of it and the way it pairs with the striped pants. Being engulfed by all the fabric is extremely cozy, but you still have a bomb outfit on underneath. What’s better than comfort paired with style?? This jacket also has very large pockets, which is drastically different from the (pathetically) small pockets we get with women’s pants. It’s perfect to throw your keys, phone, or other necessities in. It is another piece of mine that I bought years ago but is still relevant and useful to me today.


Let me know which outfit of the three was your favorite in the comments! I’m so happy Doc Martens have made a comeback in fashion recently. In the summer, I would love to pair them with sundresses and things that are very feminine. Hopefully this rain will go away so I can try out those looks for springtime! Anyways thanks so much for reading and definitely check out Joy’s blog for how she styled Doc Martens, as well as her Instagram for beautiful content from a beautiful person! Have a great rest of your week! xx


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  1. February 6, 2019 / 8:03 am

    Love how you styled then!! the patterned pants are my fav!! And I love the photos you took xx

    • February 6, 2019 / 8:10 am

      Thanks so so much girl! So happy we got to collaborate and create these amazing posts! xx

  2. February 10, 2019 / 3:15 am

    I absolutely adored this post! You are so natural in front of the camera, you need to teach me your ways! All of your outfits are on point and I love the titles of each outfit. I have always wanted to own a pair of Doc Martens but I have never been able to justify the price tag, even though I know I will probably get enough wear out of them. xx

    • sagepetersen
      February 10, 2019 / 8:34 am

      Aw thanks so much girl!! Doc martens are definitely a bit pricey but they really are perfect for cold weather and they look awesome on!

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