February 2019 Skincare Favorites for Acne Prone Skin!

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re all doing well this week. I can’t remember the last time I made a post about my favorites for the month. I used to write these kinds of posts when I first started blogging, but I want to start writing them monthly again. It keeps a good routine and my favorites vary from month to month. For February in particular, I’ve really been working on my skin. I’ve mentioned this a couple times throughout my blogging years, but ever since I was 14 I’ve had some major struggles with my skin. You name any product, you can bet I’ve tried it. From antibiotics, to topical gels, to facials with my dermatologist, I’ve done absolutely everything to improve the quality of my skin. However, this month I’ve found a few things that have (quite shockingly) helped my skin with breakouts and even with the scarring. As someone who has searched high and low for some answers, I NEED to share these products that have actually helped me. Without further ado, here are my February 2019 Skincare Favorites, specifically for those with acne prone skin!


Tatcha’s Water Gel Moisturizer

In the past, I’ve used other moisturizers from brands like Clinique, but they never seemed to work with my skin type. Not to mention, I’m usually quite oily so I was always afraid to use any moisturizer. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized it really is important to be consistent with moisturizer to guarantee good skin as you age. A product I’ve used in the past and still stand by is the La Mer moisturizer. It’s very pricey but absolutely works overnight (at least in my case). It is designed by a burn victim (I’d recommend researching the history of La Mer, it’s very interesting) and helps significantly with redness.

BUT…as I mentioned previously, La Mer is EXPENSIVE and your girl can’t drop that kind of money very often. Recently on YouTube, I’ve been hearing a lot about Tatcha skincare in the beauty community. I took a little trip into Sephora and checked out the products myself. They have a few different product options, from cremes to gels. I spoke with one of the workers at Sephora, and they mentioned specifically for acne prone skin, the Tatcha Water Gel is the best option. I can tell you after using the Water Gel for a couple months now, this product is absolutely amazing and I can’t believe I haven’t been using it sooner! (The Water Gel was $65, which may seem a bit pricey but is WAY less expensive than one bottle of La Mer for $300).



Naturally, I’m so drawn to packaging. I know I’m constantly talking about packaging but for me, it really adds to the quality of a product. Design wise, it’s simple and the color is very calming (which essentially is the effect you want it to have on your skin). The rose gold paired with the teal shade is beautiful and you can tell a lot of time and energy was put into this. The whole history of the product is on the box, since a lot of the ingredients in the Water Gel were used by geishas. How cool is that? One pump of this stuff will cover your entire face and make you feel incredibly comfortable and moisturized!



Also as a little side note, there is 23-karat gold in the Water Gel. So yes, you can feel a bit more special at a lower price. The actual gel is so beautiful because of the gold but applies completely clear and light. Thought I would throw that in for any of you fancy friends out there!

Caudalíe Cleanser

While I’ve been completely won over by the Tatcha moisturizer, I’ve also been loving the Caudalíe Foaming Cleanser. I’ve normally been using the Cetaphil cleanser (sold at Target) but I’m not sure if I could ever go back to that now. You can find Caudalíe at Sephora for $28 and I would recommend it more so than Cetaphil. The best way I can describe this cleanser is: soft and incredibly effective. I didn’t think I could love a cleanser as much as this one, but it honestly smells so good and leaves you feeling so refreshed.


I usually use a couple pumps of this cleanser and that always does the trick. In the past I’ve always bought my cleansers from Target and not thought too much about them. However, those days are gone and I’m definitely sticking with this Caudalíe product for a while! I can also confirm that this has not made me break out and is completely safe for sensitive skin.


Thayers Witch Hazel

When I was a teenager, I tried all the types of products that advertised “clear skin in 3 steps” with so much hope that they would work and make a difference in my life. While all of the Proactiv and Clinique skincare sets never did much for me, they always included a toner. Toners alone I do believe in and think they make a difference in the overall quality of your skin. An age old remedy for tricky skin is witch hazel. Recently, I’ve been using a bottle of rose petal witch hazel from the brand Thayers Natural Remedies. I bought this from Sprouts, which is a health food store here in Southern California but you can also find it at Target. It is an aloe vera formula with rose petal. It helps specifically with redness and scarring and I can say I’ve definitely seen a difference while using this. It comes in a few different versions, but I knew the rose petal would be most beneficial for my skin type.


I’ve created a specific skincare process for myself that includes this product and the ones previously mentioned. First, I’ll wash my face with Caudalíe, scrubbing away any makeup that a makeup remover wipe didn’t pick up. Next, I’ll go in with the Thayers witch hazel as a toner. Finally, I’ll apply the moisturizer from Tatcha. I’ll repeat this process every morning and every night. While I know clearing up my skin completely will take lots of time, it’s been amazing to see small steps towards a greater result.


Face Masks You NEED To Try

I’ve been a fan of face masks for so long now. I’ve tried tons of different products, but the past few years I’ve found a couple that have really stuck with me. My #1, go-to option is Lush’s “Mask of Magnaminty.” The name completely suits the product because it’s incredibly minty. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and cooled off, which is exactly the feeling you want from a face mask. Not only that, it has small bits of aduki beans which makes it similar to a scrub as well. As I’m applying it, I’ll make sure to scrub it into my skin to exfoliate.



It comes in a couple different sizes. I personally recommend buying the bigger option because it will last you much longer. All you need is a quarter sized scoop to cover your face. I let it sit for as long as possible, but 10-15 minutes is perfect. Wash it away with warm water and you’re done! Personally, I’ve seen it help a lot with redness in particular. Waking up in the morning with less redness really is an amazing feeling!


The second and third masks I’ve been using recently are both from L’Oreal. You can find both of these either at Target or Ulta. The first is the Purify and Mattify Pure-Clay mask (shown on the left). The second is the Detox and Brighten Pure-Clay mask (pictured on the right). There are multiple different versions of these masks that L’Oreal offers but I find both of these have very similar effects. I normally apply masks at night and with these particular ones, I wake up with much clearer skin it seems. The overall quality of my skin looks a lot better and smoother.



Recently I’ve also been seeing a dermatologist again and going to get facials more regularly. The doctor has prescribed me a couple topical products, which I’ve been using consistently for a few weeks now. However, I’m going to wait a bit longer for the results to give a more thorough review for you guys. So far, they’re working very well when combined with the products mentioned in this post.


Here’s a little selfie of me in my natural form: no makeup, a giant sweater, and yoga pants, taking blog photos in our guest bathroom. This is the reality of social media, people! Anyways, I genuinely hope you all enjoyed my February 2019 Skincare Favorites and that this post helps someone with skin difficulties. I’ve been there for many years and was constantly searching for solutions. I hope something here can be the answer for you. Let me know down in the comments if you’ve ever used or are currently using any of these skincare products or if you recommend anything else in particular! 


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  1. February 27, 2019 / 11:50 am

    I really wanna try the Tatcha Water Gel moisturizer, I hear amazing things about it!

    • sagepetersen
      February 27, 2019 / 1:09 pm

      It really has been a miracle product for me. And that’s a lot for me to say considering I’ve had all these skin issues☺️

  2. February 28, 2019 / 9:25 am

    Ok this post is amazing! All these products look wonderful & luxurious- good to know they are good for sensitive skin!!! Thanks for sharing girl 🙂

    • sagepetersen
      February 28, 2019 / 9:27 am

      Ahh thank you so so much! They really are great products and way cheaper than some high end skincare!

  3. March 11, 2019 / 1:39 pm

    I have heard a lot of good things about the L’Oreal face masks but have yet to use them myself yet. I have been using the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop for acne prevention and maintance of skin at the moment which seems to be working well for me. xx

    • sagepetersen
      March 11, 2019 / 5:14 pm

      I’ve never heard of the Vitamin E range before! It sounds lovely though, I’ll definitely have to look into it! Thanks for sharing a great tip! xx

  4. March 17, 2019 / 7:49 am

    Thank you for sharing! I didn’t know any of these products! I’ve also been struggling with acne for a long time and never managed to find something that helped me clear everything… Though I have the same steps for skin routine : cleaning, toner, (I apply aloe vera gel then) and moisturiser, and it’s really effective! 😊
    One product I tried recently is the Rosehip oil from Pai Skincare, it’s AMAZING for acne scars and it increases the appearance of the skin as well! Quite expensive but you use very little product from time to time so it lasts a long time 😊 You sould definitely try it!

    • sagepetersen
      March 17, 2019 / 8:19 am

      So glad I could introduce you to some new options. I’ve never heard of rosehip oil but ill definitely look into it! I struggle A LOT with redness and scarring😞

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