Going Back to Julian!

Hey guys and gals! Hope this week is going well for you so far! I wanted to share with you where I went this weekend: Julian, California! If you have read my blog for a while, you’ll know I love taking trips to Julian when the fall rolls around. Of course you know I’m a huge beach girl and nothing makes me happier than the summertime. But ya girl also loves a little taste of fall, so I go to Julian along with all the other Southern California people. Here are a few snippets from the trip I took with my boyfriend, where we saw tons of cows, trees, antiques, and of course had the BEST pie in the state!



Always patient with all my photo taking and down to be the test shot!

So let’s start off with the drive there. Julian is about an hour and a half south of where I live and inland of San Diego. It’s situated on a mountain, about 4,000 feet up. It consists of ONE street with a diner, antique shops, pie shops, and some cafés. It’s a very quaint, small town so usually a day trip is enough, but it’s very fun to walk around and explore. There’s tons of trees and nature which we don’t get much of in Orange County (unless you go east). The road to Julian is very windy and on the side of a mountain, so you definitely have to be careful and drive slowly. But first, there was one place we had to stop before we made our way up to the town…you guessed it! BETTER BUZZ COFFEE! During my college days I LOVED Better Buzz and still do! It’s a bummer there aren’t any located in OC, but I’ve definitely gotten my boyfriend completely hooked on it! I usually order a Mocha Buzz (ice blended) with coconut milk.


After getting our essential Better Buzz coffee, we headed back on the freeway towards San Diego. Like I mentioned, it took about an hour and a half to drive there. We saw tons of cows, horses, farms, and even a camel farm on our way there. Honestly this area of California looks more like the midwest. It’s nothing like you’d expect from SoCal, but it’s nice to see! When we finally arrived, we decided to just stroll around and get a feel for the town (since this was the first time my boyfriend had been there). Of course during our walk I had to stop and snap a couple shots; luckily he’s a great sport about it and never minds helping me out.



We ended up going through so many stores, candy shops, and little hidden places around Julian. After a little while of that, we stopped for lunch at one of the main diners on the corner of the street. There’s some great food here (and some amazing fries, I’d like to point out!) Not to mention, there’s a Candy Mine in the restaurant, which we didn’t end up going in but looked very fun! Next of course, we had to stop at Mom’s Pies, which is one of the best pie shops in Julian. There’s a ton of pie shops you can try out, but I recommend Mom’s Pies! They offer TONS of different flavors: all the classics like apple and pumpkin, but also unique ones like cherry and boysenberry. Apple pie with flakey crust is my favorite, but the crumb crust is actually bomb as well!



There is one shop in Julian that is larger than the rest, where they offer clothes from pretty common brands, knick knacks, candles, and so much more. The place is HUGE and even had their Christmas decorations up (I’m sorry, but it’s just too soon for Christmas anything yet. I’m a fan of the holiday as much as the next basic girl but come on, let’s give Thanksgiving it’s moment). Anyways, I always come to this shop for their jam and preserves. My favorite is the Julian peach preserves. I also picked up some strawberry preserves as well, because you can’t go wrong with a classic! They’re in the cutest jars and are so delicious on top of toast or fluffy biscuits! Would definitely recommend stopping by here and it’s right by Mom’s Pies.

After that, we were pretty exhausted and ready to head back to Orange County. It was almost a two hour drive back this time and we took a different (and much windier road). So we were both ready to crash after that trek back.

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Hope you all enjoyed my review of Julian and what we did there! It’s a great place to go with friends, family, or significant other. Try it out this fall and let me know what you think! Or, if you’ve been to Julian before, what did you think of it? Let me know down in the comments! I’ll talk to you all very soon! xx


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  1. November 5, 2019 / 8:02 am

    Crazy! I went to Julian with weekend too 🙂 Looks like ya’ll had a great time!

    • sagepetersen
      November 6, 2019 / 6:19 pm

      omg that’s so crazy! wish we would’ve run into each other!!

  2. November 13, 2019 / 10:59 am

    I am so jealous of you never having Fall/Winter in California! It is so cold at the moment and it is only going to get colder. Julian looks so beautiful and I can see why it is one of your favourite places to visit. xx

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