How To Start a Small Business (Interview with Amoriana Jewelry)

Hey everyone! I am so excited about today post because it’s something completely unique to the blog. Within the last few months during quarantine, there’s a couple things that I’ve gotten very interested in. The first being layered, gold jewelry and the second being an interest in developing my own business. They’re completely unrelated topics but I also stumbled upon an Instagram account during that time that really caught my eye. Amoriana Jewelry sells stunning, affordable gold jewelry for those with sensitive skin and a great sense of style! It was created by a gal named Analuisa, and she is a COMPLETE girl boss. After connecting over Instagram, I am simply obsessed with her business and I decided to have an interview with her. This post will include all of the answers to my questions regarding running a small business, how she developed her brand, what it took, and more! So many of my followers are creative, ambitious women so I believe her point of view will be helpful to any of you interested in starting a business and have the goal of working for yourselves in the future. Let’s get right into it!

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What inspired you to start Amoriana Jewelry?

I was at a very low point with myself when I first had the idea to start my own business. I had been getting job rejections left and right, I felt lost in my career path, and I just wanted to feel a sense of purpose. I knew I was smart, hard-working, responsible, and that I could be successful but I felt like none of the companies I was applying to believed in me. I took matters into my own hands and decided I would stop trying to prove myself to these companies and just create something for myself. That’s when the entrepreneur idea started.

I think the idea of having my own business also had a lot to do with my background. My parents came to the United States as teenagers and they worked so hard and sacrificed so much in order to build a better future for our family. I always wanted to create something great or be something great because of my parents. I put that constant pressure on myself but I never knew how I would get there. Throughout our lives, they have repeatedly told us that what was most important was our happiness and that if we weren’t happy with our career, it wasn’t worth it. I couldn’t imagine any other career making me happier than this business of mine has made me and I owe it all to them. They pushed me to go after whatever it was that I wanted to do and supported me fully with whatever wild ideas I came up with.


Did you always want to start your own company/work for yourself?

Not at all! I actually wanted to be a physical therapist and was even in a Doctorate program for it. I dropped out after the first semester after realizing it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until my husband got stationed at Camp Lejeune and I moved to North Carolina that I started to think about working for myself. I needed a job that would be flexible and would be okay with me traveling but there weren’t many options that I was finding, especially after moving to a small town with no real career options. This is when I started to brainstorm on what I could do. I tried to resell clothes, I tried to sell my paintings for a while, I thought about creating an etsy shop for graphic design work, I started a blog & shut it down after a week. There were so many things I tried but didn’t stick to. My desire to work for myself just kept growing & growing but I didn’t know what path to take. I needed to find my passion. 

Why did you choose to start a jewelry business specifically?

I was obsessed with jewelry but I guess I had never thought about selling it until I saw someone else doing it. In November of 2019, I was watching YouTube and a video came up about a woman who started her own jewelry business and something clicked inside me. I wore jewelry everyday and I loved how much of a difference it made. I always felt more confident and put together when I threw on a gold necklace and some hoops. I wanted everybody to be able to experience this feeling without having to pay up for it. I thought I would fill that space in the market for women who wanted to feel radiant, had sensitive skin, and didn’t want to spend their whole paycheck to get a few pieces of jewelry. 


What is one of the proudest moments you’ve experienced so far being a small business owner?

I feel like I’m constantly in awe of the support I’m getting from everybody online. Every day I have my proud moments but if I had to pinpoint one of my proudest moments, it would be July 5th. In late June, I took the time to write down some goals I wanted to accomplish by the end of July. I wasn’t sure if I would actually achieve these goals but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to write them down as a reminder. I hit those goals on July 5th! Five days into July and I had reached the goals I had just set for the month. My mind was blown! I set those goals thinking that’s what I would aim for but I was not really expecting to get there and I did! I think this was the moment when I felt that I could really do this and I could make this business of mine successful. 

What is one of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome and how did you do it?

I didn’t get the support & encouragement I needed from some of the most important people in my life. It was extremely difficult for me because at the beginning of this whole journey with Amoriana Jewelry, I wasn’t getting many sales. I would be SO happy when I would get a single order but I felt like I had nobody to share that happiness with. I constantly felt like my little accomplishments weren’t enough. It took a lot of self motivation & empowerment to push myself to keep going. I believed in myself and believed that I was going to be successful. It got to the point where I no longer shared my excitement with some of the people in my life because I felt defeated by their lack of support.

I started to share my gratitude and excitement in my stories on Instagram and that’s where I got all the support and love that I so desperately needed. So really, it’s people like you and people who are reading this that helped push me to keep going. I am so appreciative of everybody who supports me online. It is incredible how strangers can offer more encouragement than people in my real life. I had to realize that I needed to stop looking for validation or a sense of approval from some of the people in my life and just know that I am doing enough and I had to continue to be proud of myself. 


How long did it take to start up your business? Was there a certain time frame in place for planning, buying, etc. before your business officially opened?

Not too long actually! I started brainstorming in November of 2019, researching and buying in December of 2019, then created my Instagram for Amoriana Jewelry in January of 2020. I spent the rest of January getting inventory, packing materials, creating my website, and getting the legal aspect in place. I launched Amoriana Jewelry in February, so in total it took a little over three months to get everything set up and open for business!

Do you have any goals for the future? Where would you like your shop to be in five years?

Honestly, right now my only goal is to be able to keep this as my full time job. I feel like everything is so new and we are growing so quickly that it wasn’t too long ago that I felt like I needed to take a step back and rethink what I was doing with this business. 

In five years, I would love to be able to reach a point where I no longer have to worry about having to get a 9-5 job to pay rent or mortgage. I can envision myself upgrading from working at my kitchen table to having an actual office. I would love to have the budget to hire people to help me with Amoriana Jewelry. I always want to be very hands on with what goes on with Amoriana Jewelry, and I want to continue to be in touch with everybody who supports me. I will never take a step back from this business but I would just love to see us grow. This business is my baby and I am so proud of everything it has accomplished so far. I can only hope to keep growing in the future.

If there’s one piece of advice you could give someone who wants to start their own business, what would it be?

Believe in yourself and do it. It will be hard to find the motivation sometimes & you will probably want to quit more often than not but don’t give up. It takes time to see growth and all your work pay off! There will never be a time where you feel 100% ready and that’s okay! Start with what you have and learn with every obstacle and challenge. If I can do it, you can do it!

With all of those incredible answers from Ana, I feel so inspired to pursue what makes my heart excited. If there’s some things you can take from this interview it’s this: chase what makes you the happiest and if something isn’t going according to plan, create your own fantastic reality! Making something from scratch is never easy, but in Ana’s case it is totally paying off and she’s making a great impact on the jewelry industry for women like you and I. Let me know how you liked this interview and if there’s any other small business I should reach out to for questions and answers! Also, be sure to show Amoriana Jewelry some love on Instagram or shop her site now. Sending love to all of you this week and we’ll chat soon! xx



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  1. July 15, 2020 / 1:32 pm

    I am so inspired by gals who start their own businesses as I know that I do not personally have the drive to work for myself (unless I found something I was really passionate about). Congratulations to Amoriana for all her success! xx

  2. July 26, 2020 / 2:13 pm

    Love that you shared this! I’m thinking of taking the leap and starting my own small business right now so this is super inspiring 🙂

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